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It took us about 10 minutes to pick up the booty, and then we continued to walk.

It took us about 10 minutes to pick up the booty, and then we continued to walk. Not far away, we found a palace that looked like the Dragon Palace. Not very spectacular. But it gives a very quiet feeling. Through the water gate. Entered the palace, which was empty. There are no monsters here? As soon as the madman's voice fell, he heard a roar accompanied by a column of water, which immediately scared us out of a cold sweat, and the powerful power of the column of water immediately shook us back three steps away. Deep water kylin level: 55 type: mythical beast OSS attack: 19 ~ 33 magic attack: 5o8 ~ 522 defense: 195 hit: 1 O2 dodge: 43Hp: 331ooomp: 83ooo skill: water column earth-shaking sea clear water golden light weakened. Introduce: The ancient bequeath comes down to guard the guard holy animal of palace of fresh water ground to have the powerful force that controls water. Damn it Bullshit level 55 mythical beast? And when we saw this freshwater unicorn, we couldn't speak at once. A level 55 hand is equivalent to a level 7o evil OSS. There is too much disparity in rank. And the magic attack is as high as 5 OO points. How do we fight? It's always bad for us underwater. Although there is not a drop of water in the underground palace, the genus of the door is still reduced by 10%. Before we could come to our senses. The unicorn suddenly roared and waved its claws and rushed towards us. And Xiaodong rushed up quickly, only to find that the Kirin was as agile as the wind,artificial grass panels, flying in three steps and two steps, directly evading the attack of the little one, and Xiaodong was also startled by the degree of the Kirin. Unexpectedly, the degree of OSS is so fast. That's sick. At this time,silk cherry blossom tree, after Xiaodong's attack failed, an evil light assassination after the madman's shield immediately stabbed him head-on. I saw the Kirin's stomach was suddenly opened a full 10 centimeters long big cut. Blood splashed everywhere, and a -4o51 damage appeared on his head. Shocked back a few steps. After bearing this attack, the Kirin hissed and then rushed to the madman. And Xiaodong and the madman began to cooperate around the Kirin, but this kind of play seems to be useless to the Kirin, only to see that the Kirin opened its big mouth and immediately spit out a column of water, and the small one and the madman were very hard to avoid because of the impact of the underwater, instantly hit by the column of water in the mouth and two amazing injuries floated out of his head, large artificial blossom trees ,artificial coconut palm trees, after which the blood immediately bottomed out-4 o28-4165.. At this time, Xiaoting was so frightened that she turned pale and quickly waved her staff and began to control the twelve evil spirits of the nether world. She rushed up to the Kirin with a slight shock and a roar and then quickly retreated. At this time, the twelve ghosts of the nether world surrounded the OSS inside and could not attack, but it was a headache for us to wait until which year we could kill the OSS? "Xiaoting asked the twelve evil spirits of the nether world to step back and I rushed up with the killer brothers." Xiaoting hesitated for a moment, so she had to control two of the twelve evil spirits of the nether world again and stepped back three steps away. And as soon as I passed, I killed people, and at the same time, I waved my weapon and rushed up. After two consecutive attacks, the Kirin's stomach was opened again with two big cuts. The damage is also considerable. I just don't know what our situation will be in the future. Chapter 26 Kylin V Kylin Swish. Accompanied by the wind of the dagger, the unicorn was hit again. But mainly because of the contribution of the twelve evil spirits of the nether world. Make it impossible for OSS to dodge and open and close attacks. We have long thought of such a result, so we are not so worried. Locked, I saw the madman and Xiaodong jumping into the air and waving the dagger. And then a flash of golden light, and the man was slightly surprised and was immediately shot down to the ground. Shit. Is the blue water and golden light the skill of attack? Xiaodong complained for a while and quickly used the drunken dream to pull back the blue light of Qi and blood. One after another, the lighting attack fell on the body of the unicorn beast, and the damage was only 5 OO points. It's very laborious. Xiaodong and the madman jumped up again and waved the dagger quickly, only to see two cold lights immediately left deep blood stains on the body of the kylin, and at this time the OSS immediately roared. Then there was a loud bang and we were all blown away. The OSS rushed over quickly with a scream. When I opened my big mouth, a column of water hit me without slackening. Slightly startled, I rolled on the ground three times in a row, stood up quickly and jumped quickly in the palace. Unexpectedly, this OSS suddenly broke through. Unexpected. But that's normal, at least this guy is a level 55 mythical beast. And when the twelve evil spirits of the nether world returned to their original positions again, unexpectedly, the body of the unicorn beast was faintly scattered, and many small drops of water suddenly appeared in the palace where there was not a drop of water. At this time,faux ficus tree, a burst of Guangdong Palace saw a big wave of flowers sweeping over us. Ding ~ System: "OSS Deepwater Kirin has enabled the skill of crossing the sea.". Summon the powerful element of water to form a great wave. Instantly inflict heavy damage on the enemy. And when that huge wave was about to drown us. There was a flash of black light. Then a wave of evil spirits drifted by and immediately cracked the huge wave. Could it be that someone in our team used skills? But after thinking about it, it's impossible. No one will believe such a result. And upload the official signature beefcake four dishes and one lie down. When we were wondering, a black figure suddenly appeared in front of the deep-water Kirin. The black kylin has blood-red eyes. It doesn't look like a good thing. Demon Grievance Unicorn Level: 55 Type: Warcraft OSS Attack: 36 ~ 5O Magic Attack: 619 ~ 633 Defense: 257 Hit: 144 Evasion: 69 Hp: 415ooomp: 122ooo Skill: Darkness devours Black Water Blood Sacrifice Blood Piercing Heart Dexterity (Intermediate). Introduce: The unicorn beast that is devoured by dark place has powerful force.


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