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There are about ten families with different surnames, all of whom survived after many wars,

There are about ten families with different surnames, all of whom survived after many wars, as well as the Wei family, whose strength is even stronger. Almost every family has its own uniform dress. The Chu and Qin families are red Taoist robes, the Wei Xuan family is crimson robes, the Wei family is colorful leather clothes and skirts, and the Mu family is black. All these houses are lined up in a row, forming a long and colorful rope. If a golden elixir sweeps away now, Qi Xiu will have a cold war and dare not think any more. A quarter past noon! A hundred steps forward! When Wei Gao gave the order again, a drum sounded, and the Wei family pressed behind him, or the monk who supervised the army in the early days of building the foundation controlled the first order [giant horned rhinoceros] under his body with one hand, and held the crimson flag of Chu and Qin with the other hand, and took the lead to move forward slowly. Qi Xiu and his disciples had no choice but to step forward to the beat of the drum. Closer, closer, the ferocious face of the other monk became clearer and clearer. The shape of the enemy army is exactly the same as their own, but the number of people is much more, but in addition to the big lump of filial piety monks of the Lu family, the others are composed of casual practitioners and small clans, either grinning at this side, declaring force, or dodging eyes, a face of fear. There are also some small clans who roll up their flags in the rain and dare not even show their feet. A rabble.. Qi Xiu scolded angrily in his heart, but more than half of them cheered himself up, and none of his disciples showed a look of fear, except for his makeup. Her whole person is almost limp on the body of Min Niang, the front foot steps out, then can only drag the back foot, walk very hard. Qi Xiu could not see her face, but when he thought of his first appearance in the nameless valley, he was afraid that it was not much worse. After walking a hundred paces and standing still, the Wei family monk turned around and shouted, "The third drum is the only way to kill the enemy. Those who take one step back will die!" The speaker did not have a backache. Seeing him riding the spirit beast and turning back to his own back,silk ficus tree, Qi Xiu had scolded him and Wei Gao ten thousand times in his heart. At a quarter past noon, get ready! The second war drum also came, and the sound of the drum seemed to strike directly in his own heart. Mao Maolin buried his head, covered his mouth with his hand, and reminded him in a whisper: "Just do as agreed. They are not strong." "Shut up!" The Wei Friar warned in a low voice behind him, but he stopped at warning. He didn't really follow the military discipline announced by Wei Gao in advance. Mao Maolin was really an old oil stick, and somehow he took a fancy to his own Chu Qin. He not only brought the people to vote, but also handed in a book of the second order, and even rushed to fight, as if he was afraid that he didn't trust him. Kill! Wei Gao shouted loudly, and at that moment it seemed that even the rain had stopped in midair. With the sound of the three-way drum, he could no longer concentrate on killing the enemy. Ding! Wei Minniang touched a pair of earrings lightly in her hand, and Chu Qinmen started with her [Qingyin Curse]. The crisp sound made everyone excited. The fear and panic in their hearts disappeared a lot. Even the makeup straightened up and hurriedly pulled out a long sword box from the storage bag. Then a magic moon hung high, and Mo Jianxin's original talent was used to cover the dark sky under the curtain of dark clouds and rain, illuminating a lot. Under the illusory moon, the [Obsidian Jade Bottle] tilts and splashes, artificial plant wall panels ,outdoor palm trees, and the stinky water of the Heihe River sweeps away to the other side, showing the spiritual roots of the pure water system. In this rainy day, it is even more powerful. [Duoying Pavilion] Hanging on the top of Chu Wuying's head, the black mist is wrapped around the water of the Heihe River, hiding and moving forward. Qin Weiyu sat down cross-legged, and the shadow of Eupatorium lucidum lit up behind him. In the Heihe River, countless plants grew out of thin air, as if they had life. They cheered and jumped for joy, and grew bigger and bigger. The black trunks of the plants automatically tied up to the living beings on the left. Zhao Yao protected several people. Today, she changed into a red tights, showing her vigorous and hot body. Her long legs were slightly bent, her body was hunched, her hands were holding short blades, and her eyes were squinting at the enemy. She was a fierce and beautiful female leopard. At this time, the enemy's various magic weapons, spells, and seals have all flown to the front, and Qi Xiu has offered the [Positive and Negative Five Elements Umbrella]. After receiving most of the attacks, the [Five Poisons Chasing Bee Stings] has been wrung into the enemy's crowd. Seeing a monk in the early days of building the foundation rushing in the air, he cut a huge ice blade with one palm and split it down to Qin Weiyu, who was sitting there. The monk shouted, "Amitabha!" With folded hands, the Buddha's light appeared all over his body, and he held on to this close thunderbolt. Qin Siguo Mo Jianxin [Entangling Silk Sword] [Magic Moon Spirit Sword], one on the left and one on the right, split into a pincer attack. The three of them joined forces to entangle the monk in the early days of building the foundation! "呔 ! " Wei family pressure array monk finally shot, sacrifice a handle short spear, in the sky instrument light and shadow, find the enemy to build the foundation of the middle period of the monk's flying sword, under a touch, their own short spear was far away, "go!" He hurriedly released his [giant horned rhinoceros] and rushed to the enemy's body. As soon as the formula in his hand changed, the short spear quickly turned back and wrapped around him again. Hey, hey! Unexpectedly, the other side also had a monk in the early days of building the foundation. He didn't know what to do. When he appeared, he was only a few feet away from the people of Chu and Qin. Even when he laughed, his mouth was full of yellow teeth, and his whole body was like a rain of gold darts, splashing endlessly on everyone. Qi Xiu's umbrella turned sharply and could be blocked. "I'm still here!" Mao Maolin shouted loudly, and the two huge wooden thorns held their hands and shot at each other. Hum, you want to die! As soon as Huang Fang's figure flashed, he appeared behind Mao Maolin and killed him with a blow. "Eh!" The yellow teeth suddenly rolled sideways, and then flashed again, Zhao Yao's double blades waving, all falling in the empty place where he had just left. The little girl is not slow! Yellow teeth appeared in another place, was still waiting to attack, suddenly heard behind the sound of numerous screams, looking back, in the vast ocean of black water, black plants wrapped in a dozen headless bodies, people are dead, but also tied to maintain an upright position, and do not fall. Over the corpse [Qihuang Xuan Dao] [Qixing Lingjian] had drunk enough blood,outdoor ficus tree, whined and danced half a circle, and then stabbed himself again. Shit, die so fast! Huang Mao was so angry that he cursed angrily and quickly fled for his life.


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