Snake Bone 2

The strange frog's limbs are not webbed, but sharp claws, bulging eyes,

The strange frog's limbs are not webbed, but sharp claws, bulging eyes, but the frog's eyelids are from bottom to top, these two strange frogs are like human eyelids, from top to bottom, and a pair of black and white frog eyes, with a lock ring. Seeing us come in, he crawled on the ground and looked at us quietly with half-eyelid eyes, obviously conscious. I won't know until I see it. With a gentle wave of the white sailor, the cold air surged, and the wet ground froze in an instant. I thought the white water was sure to win in one fell swoop. Unexpectedly, the two strange frogs jumped up and opened their mouths to spit out a long and sticky scarlet tongue, which looked as sticky as a frog's tongue, but was covered with barbs, perhaps poisonous, not to mention dead, at least a piece of meat was gone. Strangely enough, when the frog opens its mouth, there are two rows of neat teeth in its mouth, like cow teeth. I was about to make a move as I held the knife in my hand, but Baishui snorted coldly, and then a child's voice cried out: "I don't want to press such a disgusting thing." Unfortunately,face recognition identification kiosk, Zhou Shanxin has no ability, except to speak and press the blood of Jianmu, is a stone, even bigger and smaller can not be. With a wave of his hand, the white sailor just pressed the hind legs of the two strange frogs and shouted, "Jianmu, that bastard, is really shameless. He doesn't even let go of the sticky and wet frogs." As soon as it was suppressed,outdoor digital signage displays, the strange frog still inhaled and spat out its tongue, but the white water nailed the long tongue with an ice edge. At the same time, it froze the frog's body with ice, leaving only the pustule on its back outside. Then it looked at me and said, "Cut it open and have a look." Jianmu is a tree, there is always a little long roots in the blood, this strange frog has no roots for the time being, may still be behind the pustule. I nodded, and the knife flashed past the two frozen frogs. Don't cut me, don't cut me. Buzhou Shanxin gave out a cry of fear and said shivering, "Nu Wa's doll is too cruel. I don't think about how she got here. She actually used her own bones to make a knife. At the beginning, Youmei used this to dig my cornerstone. Now this witch knife is all gone. It's even worse!" My swordsmanship has been instructed by Baishui himself. I have learned the skill with the two-headed snake in Qingyao Mountain these days. Naturally, I will not scratch the heart of Buzhou Mountain. But it is too afraid of death. Even if I scratch it, it will be all right with its hardness. But as the knife cut through the pustule behind the frog, countless white and golden snakes gushed out of the bag. The head of the snake, the size of a thumb, temperature screening kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, hissed outward, but did not open its eyes. It was still carrying mucus. The tail of the snake was still connected with the frog's body and could not break free. The white snake looked very ordinary, but with thin claws grasping the edge of the pustule, trying to rush out. But the golden snake, like the winged snake, dragged a pair of thin wings, which could not be unfolded for a while because of the sticky mucus, and pressed on the snake body, which could not be dragged by the white snake. We thought that these pustules were mostly suckers like Shi Yueluo's snake tail, or touching the disk, but we never thought that there were snakes in the frog's back pustules. Everyone was silent, but Zhou Shanxin suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Could it be that Nu Wa's doll is doing these things again?"? Want to develop a better species! As soon as Baishui's face turned white, I hurriedly led the silent knife to cut the strange frog and the snake inside into pieces, and the soul plants rushed up and sucked all the flesh and blood. Handsome boy has always been very clever, immediately a rune led the past, at the same time triggered the soul plant to roll out the heart of Buzhou Mountain, the fire gushed away in an instant, burning all the remaining skin and bones of the two strange frogs and snakes. Atavism.. The fire reflected Baishui's reddish face, but he looked at me in a twinkling and said, "Do you know what atavism is?" On the one hand, Zhou Shanxin did not know why he roared in a low voice: "It's so disgusting every time. Next time, can you do something good and cool? It's more comfortable to hold the mud.". ” The handsome boy's eyes flashed, threw it out, and then looked at me and the white waterway: "If it's really Jianmu, would you like to see the dead cow?" "Atavism, just like now some people will grow scales when they are born, and some will grow tails.." Baishui seemed to talk to himself and looked at me with heavy eyes: "I understand!" Chapter 652 dens. I don't know what Baishui understood, but I also felt that the snake gushing out of the back of the strange frog had a big impact on Baishui. I hurriedly said, "It may also be the reason for the snake eggs." "The two eggs of the snake have already been fertilized, and when they hatch, they already have a spirit, and it is impossible for them to enter the cow's body for a second incubation.". And even if it is atavistic, the eggs of snakes will not grow strange frogs. Baishui put his arm around me and said to the handsome boy, "Go and see the dead cow." The eggs of Jianmu God need to be hatched twice. These two strange frogs are obviously the finished products after the second hatching, which proves that the embryos of Jianmu destroyed in the snake scale wood coffin and the village were not complete, or that there were other spirits of Jianmu breeding outside. Looking at the appearance of the strange frogs, it seems that they were born in combination with frogs in the wild. But why is there a snake in the pustule behind the strange frog laid in the egg of Jianmu God? And the white and golden snakes, from the shape, are very similar to the shape of the two snakes, which makes me have to think like the snakes of Baishui's generation. According to Baishui, if it is an atavism, it can be determined that it is the divine snake of their generation. Thinking of the white snake pregnant everywhere, and then looking at the white water around me, I felt that there was something going on inside the Black Gate, when the mountain did not fall, even the white water and the snake did not know. Before he got out of the cowshed, Yunkong's mother hurried over to meet him. "Are you sure what it is?" "It's Jianmu." I nodded to Yunkong's mother, and then whispered, "Since Longwu has received a pregnant woman with a snake fetus,interactive whiteboard prices, why didn't these freaks move?" "I don't know." Yun Kong's mother shook her head and said doubtfully, "They found this strange frog first, but they didn't take it away. I also feel strange." 。


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