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Qin Si Zhao, ten years old, double life, single spirit root,

Qin Si Zhao, ten years old, double life, single spirit root, Zuoshan Qin Shi is the founder of Qin Lier, and Qin Ji's parents and children, mother Zhao Shi is the younger generation of Zhao Liangde of the Royal Beast Gate, and her family background is not bad. The name Si Zhao was given by Qin Ji, who missed his dead wife Zhao. He looked like Qin Ji when he was young. He was handsome and tall, as if he was born with a noble spirit. Although his family was hated by Qi Xiu, Zhang Shishi, and even Bai Muhan, because Qin Ji was punished for being kept in captivity, he never stayed with his father since he was a child, and he has been raised in the mountain gate since he became an immortal. Character is not like his father, but gentle, slightly cunning, young age, conversation often makes people feel like spring breeze, but very much like his seat teacher Bai Xiaosheng, naturally also deeply loved by Bai Xiaosheng, in the door also attracted people to like. Qin Sizhao has one more original life than Chu Wuying, but firstly, he doesn't need guile; secondly, his original life [Qixing Lingjian] [Qihuang Xuandao] is unique in both sword and sword, which is extremely suitable for fighting; thirdly, it is easy to find the same reference, the first order [Qixing Jian] and the first order [Qihuang Dao] are both common flying swords. Similarly,Small Geared Motors, when practicing the three levels of Qi, the position of the inner disciple is also secure. Qin Sizhao was promoted to be an inner disciple. When Qi Xiu finished the announcement, Qin Sizhao stepped forward and took the token. After bowing to Qi Xiu, he sang, "Thank you, Elder Martial Brother Headmaster. I wish Elder Martial Brother Headmaster an early foundation and success on the road." Say that finish, the same step down not to mention. Zhan Qiu, six years old, Shan Benming, Shan Shuilinggen,Micro Gear Motor, the son of Zhan yuan, Bai Muhan is his mother, and Bai Xiaosheng is his grandfather. Not to mention the origin, the feelings for Zhan yuan alone are enough to affect Qi Xiu's decision. Although I have just passed the first level of Qi training, I have not stepped on the first threshold of Qi training, and it is not easy to say the fate of talent, but I am still young, single life [water in the bottle], with the second level [obsidian jade bottle], and with the support of my mother and grandfather, I think it is not difficult to enter the country. Show enmity and promote to inner disciple. Xiao Zhan Qiu imitated his brother's style and took the token from his mother. He kowtowed to Qi Xiu and said thanks in a milky voice. Under the loving gaze of his relatives, he returned to his original position. "Uh.." Qi Xiu looked around, the rest of the people, this life spirit root is much more complex, although Zhang Shishi is a single life, but without the permission of Chu, Chu Huixin's secret skills can not be passed on, his fatal shortcomings of waste life can not be imagined, these years has been practicing five layers of Qi. Moreover, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Gear Reduction Motor, He Yu's departure was a great blow to him, and he himself had no intention of going any further. Qin Siguo, fifteen years old, three lives, two spiritual roots, Xianlin Qin, although the spiritual roots of life are more complex than the first three people, but the understanding and diligence are all the best choices. Now he has practiced four layers of Qi, which is not much different from the progress of He Yu in those years. Moreover, he is one of the most Taoist people in the middle and young generation. He is delicate and indifferent, and free and easy. The original life is also a thing that is easy to fight and practice. If you are promoted to be an inner disciple, there is nothing you can't do. Qi Xiu hesitated for a long time, but finally he didn't want to add one more son of the Qin family to the inner disciples. He shook his head secretly and denied the idea. "Just these three," he said in a loud voice. He also told the three little girls to help each other and love each other, not to think they were spoiled and bully their classmates, so he decided to do this. Then Bai Muhan mentioned some important things in the door, Qi Xiu decided one by one, in the urging of Bai Xiaosheng, got up and went to the prepared thatched cottage. "After my retreat, you must be loose outside and tight inside, and the big array of mountain guards in the gate is all open, without a trace of slack." "Shen Chang, you and Yu Denuo don't put down the responsibility of the ceremony, what to do or what to do, the surrounding Xiuzhen families and sects, welcome and send off, all should go.". It's just that the tone is important. Don't reveal that I started to retreat and attack the foundation. Old man Yu drank too much, and his mouth was not too tight. You must keep a close eye on him. "Kan Qin, you help Min Niang take good care of Yue." “……” Qi Xiu sat down in the thatched cottage and suddenly began to tell the people outside the door about trivial things. Bai Xiaosheng even ignored the warning. It was not until he saw Min Niang's galloping figure that he smiled at his beloved wife and took a deep look at what might be the last time in his life. At the moment before Min Niang's tearful and beautiful posture rushed into the thatched cottage, he was ruthless and waved his hand to seal the door from the inside. [Mingjixin] talent was running rapidly. Finally, he settled his heart of nostalgia for the world and began to look forward to the road. Looking around, in the thatched cottage, the auxiliary array, Bigu elixir, first aid seal and so on are all available. This is the biggest difference between the people of the school and their casual practice. This is also the proof of Qi Xiu's 20 years of hard work and struggling out of his strong family business. With a slight smile, he took out from his bosom the Zhuji Dan that had been exchanged in Qinghe Square in those years. This elixir has accompanied me for many years, from Qinghe Square, to Chuqin Mountain, to Heihe Peak, and then to Xianlin Ao, from thirty years old, to forty years old, and then to fifty years old. Time flies, but the efficacy is not slightly reduced, but the people in front of them, old age, cultivation is increasing, have experienced life and death, love and hatred, full of nostalgia and expectations, wearing down the heart of a child. Throat a stem, the elixir into the mouth, closed his eyes, the corner of the eye through a drop of tears, and finally into the deep level of meditation, began the impact of the journey to build the foundation. a href = The latest chapter of Master Road of Xiuzhen School was first published by Chuangshi Chinese website, the first place of the latest, most popular and fastest online novel! (This site provides two modes: traditional page turning and waterfall reading, which can be selected in the settings) Chapter one hundred and fifty fight Tianyin Mountain again Creation Updated 2014-07-09 03:15: 00.0 Words: 3284 Three months later. Slowly withdrawing from deep meditation, Qi Xiu opened his eyes and saw a mess. The whole thatched cottage seemed to be ravaged by the strong wind,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and most of the objects were damaged. The Linglong Tower and the Nameless Compass, which had been accompanied for many years and regarded as life, had been broken into seven or eight pieces and scattered quietly in front of them. This is.. Is it the feeling of the friar who built the foundation? 。


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