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In the distance, Longma grinned his teeth and was covered with white stubble

In the distance, Longma grinned his teeth and was covered with white stubble, which was too horrible to look at. When he saw Ye Fan's situation here, he stared. As a result, he was almost cursed again and again by the power of Huadao. He shouted that he had gone against the sky and had no justice. The mother of all things has become an immortal holy soldier, swallowing billions of thunder, and in a short moment, almost all the lightning in the sky has been swallowed up! Ye Fan did not use the tripod to block, he looked up to the sky with a long roar, against the final creation of the plunder light, while not forgetting to continue to refine the tripod. On its frontal bone, a piece of white, one after another of the ancient characters jumped out, although it is difficult to survive in the world for a long time, but after all, it can appear in an instant, constantly flying to the tripod. The birth of the tripod can remember these, at this moment the tripod is more sacred, in addition to the wind around the mother gas, there are cosmic stars and all living things appear around. Hundreds of ancient characters, engraved into the tripod, are remembered by the inherent spirit, and will be transformed into every inch of the tripod in the future. Roar.. A roaring star field moves Ye Fan's body to rush out billions of rays of light, the sage's power is overwhelming, a punch to the sky, hit the last robbery light. Take it! Finally, he gave a light shout, whether it is the flesh, or the golden little man, or the mother of all things, is the whale swallowing the cow to drink, swallowing the sea of thunder. After all, it is a speck of dust that can not become a saint. Once you cross this barrier, it will be a qualitative transformation, and you will step on a ladder to realize the sublimation of life. In a sense, holy and non-holy are two kinds of life forms, unless it is a person at the level of emperor, or a person who is absolutely gorgeous and eternal, who can touch the elegance of this field in the realm of non-holy. Obviously, the sage robbery is not so simple, the thunder is not so terrible, but the greater threat will come. Ye Fan black hair shawl, with slender and strong physique, cold eyes like electricity, like a demon God, looking at Cangyu. Sure enough, the guess came true, and the young emperor appeared! This place,Small Dc Gear Motor, this ancient star field, has appeared the ancient emperor, before that kind of breath permeates, already foreshadowed this result. A strong, tall young man appeared, descending from the sea of thunder, with thick hair and deep eyes like the stars, naturally revealing the spirit of the universe. A person, but let the whole sky are silent down, the thunder is still clear, the lightning is also intertwined, but this person appeared, but let the world like static. Apart from the blurring of his face, the depth of his eyes, the blackness of his hair, and the shining luster of his body were clearly visible. This time the young emperor is more real than when the immortals were cut three times. It is the true posture of a young emperor who became a saint in his golden years! Ye Fan stood still, like a rock, also has the momentum of the deep sea, cold relative, he wants to fight the young emperor. It is precisely because he saw a more real body, his heart was greatly touched, each emperor is invincible, the same rank, invincible. Ye Fan became a saint, full of confidence, Planetary Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, but not conceit, especially when he saw the real posture of the emperor in his youth, he was more calm. Who is this man, an ancient star field, a big star of Tao, also mentioned the ancient heaven, can it be said to be the emperor related to heaven? Ye Fan looked shocked. Is there only one emperor? This man came from chaos, and after landing, he was so domineering that he hit him with one punch. His power was towering, and his black hair was in disorder and dancing. His power, as for those who had just become saints, shook the past and shone the present! Ye Fan has no fear, but is blood boiling, can be with the ancient emperor young, with the realm of a war, what regret!? "Boom!" Without any hesitation, Ye Fan came up with six reincarnation fists to meet the young emperor's offensive, to shake the strong, to fight hard, and to fight the great posture in front of him. Peerless peak battle! This is a fierce big collision, ancient to see, young emperor-level battle! An emperor, a man, who is he? Ye Fan's heart was shocked, because at this moment, in the war between the two, he clearly felt a kind of invincible boxing, the other side was also six reincarnation boxing. Boom! Moments later, the black hair of the man opposite was dancing wildly, and the golden blood was soaring up to the sky, magnificent and magnificent, just like his golden blood! It's the last day of July. Brothers and sisters, if you still have a monthly ticket, please vote for Zhetian. The recommended vote is the first. Thank you. Please continue to vote for one. There are free tickets today. (To be continued) Chapter 1278 invincible clearance. The sky collapses and the earth cracks, and the gold and blood in this man's heavenly spirit cover soars to the sky, surging up and dominating the world! This is a kind of peerless terror breath, golden blood gas will be scattered by the sea of thunder, let the chaos explode, this person crown ancient and modern, stand there, look down on the sky. A man, an emperor, first ascended the realm of saints, showing such divine power, in such a realm, can be regarded as shaking the past and shining the present. Why Ye Fan soliloquized that the person opposite, like him, was absolutely the holy body of the human race, which was so important that it was simply unimaginable. Therefore, according to legend, there has never been the holy body of Emperor Cheng, how can we see a young Supreme in front of us? If others are here, their scalp will tingle, which subverts cognition, breaks common sense and opens an unprecedented event in the past and present. Boom! The opposite person hit over, peerless domineering, slender and strong body, black hair dancing, deep eyes, like billions of stars emerging in their pupils, terrible boundless. This is a peerless summit duel, two Eucharistic battles! They shook the strong with the strong, hit the hard with the hard, the golden blood gas scattered the thunder plunder, hit the sky to collapse, the star field trembled, peerless valor, divine power is unstoppable. Everyone has a kind of overweening spirit, a roar of stars, strong body, flying black hair, cold eyes, exuberant golden blood, can be said to swallow mountains and rivers! They all wield the six-way reincarnation fist, and spread this secret art to the highest level, sublimating in the battle,12v High Torque Motor, and getting closer to their own way. This is the summit battle of the Terran Saints! "Roar.." Ye Fan smashed a meteorite with one punch, and the golden fist was so powerful that it shook violently in the four directions of the universe, as if it was going to collapse. ichgearmotor.com


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