Master, cry quickly.

The girl lifted a strand of hair, her fingertips trembled slightly,

The girl lifted a strand of hair, her fingertips trembled slightly, and the drops of water came out with the rhythm. If a few strands are twisted together, she will gently separate and never hurt the teenager. They were silent, one with a straight back, the other stroking her long hair. You Relax. Don't sit so straight. The short white tea finally could not help complaining. The height of a child of seven or eight years old, even facing a teenager sitting on the bed, his head only reaches his shoulder. Ah? Uh Chen Jingyuan's ears were red, and he pressed himself hard with his waist. It's too far inside to reach. White tea continues to be helpless. Is that all right? Chen Jingyuan lay across the bed with his head hanging over the bed and his hair hanging down. You, hahaha hahaha hahaha, isn't your neck sore? In the face of his strange appearance, Bai Cha laughed. It's more convenient for you. Chen Jingyuan is serious. Hee hee, I won't tease you. As soon as the white tea waved its hand, all the remaining drops of water flew out of the hair. Wow. Interesting. Chen Jingyuan turned over and said on the mattress. Want to learn? Call my master to teach you. White tea winks. If you call me teacher, I will teach you. I remember! You are really Master Bo! Chen Jingyuan was so excited that he straightened forward and grabbed the white tea shoulder with both hands. Idiot White tea pouts. You can sing that song, can't you? Chen Jingyuan's eyes sparkled. How Many Flowers Fall in a Dream? "Well!" "I remember when I was young, I loved to talk and you loved to laugh,face recognition identification, and once I sat side by side under a peach tree.." Every time the white tea sings a sentence, Chen Jingyuan's facial features are vivid. The cold and hard expression was like a glacier thawing, and when the song was finished, the teenager could no longer hold back and cried on his stomach. The white tea sits beside him, does not say does not move, accompanies quietly. After a while,touch screen kiosk, Chen Jingyuan complained with tears: "You.." Why did you come so late? The white tea froze. I've been looking for you for so long. Why did you come so late? I.. I've been waiting for you.. I've forgotten who you are. "Why did you come so late?" Chen Jingyuan kept repeating, as if to release the grievance and discomfort that had been suppressed for many years. The author has something to say: "I'm afraid you can't remember me", the last article of Tuijiyou Guanjiejian. Super good-looking, crying. The following text: A strange awn pierced the sky. Heard that Wang Zuoxing of Tianwaitian came down to earth, in order to find.. Ling Yang nervously interrupted: "Shh! Quiet! Don't broadcast for me. There are bad people chasing me." Hiding in the human body, the most important thing is to keep a low profile. Low-key, low-key again! But where is my husband's star? I'm really worried. Ling Yang recalled the dribs and drabs when he made love with him: He is very smart and handsome, and he is the future king of the Ministry of Desire. The only fly in the ointment is that he is too cold. Only when he smiles at her, he feels a little warm. And, he lives well in bed. It's really good. I want to hold him.. But Ling Yang, who was overdrawn, could only hold herself, digital signage kiosk ,thermal imaging camera, and she felt a little tired. She decided to go to sleep first. Anyway, she would find him soon. It's all right. The next day, after Xia Yuhan woke up, he forgot all about it. The forgotten man waited and waited under the tree, and finally the cold man completely collapsed: "Did she abandon me?" ─ ─ Cold, High IQ, Cat-like Girl × Underbelly, Evil Spirit, Wolf Nature Senior ─ ─ One day, Xia Yuhan, a super scholar girl, woke up and saw a ghost. From then on, she had to see demons and monsters every day. After she became a psychic, she was chased and shouted wherever she went: "Lady!"! Why are you so cruel to leave me? Only then did Xia Yuhan discover that she had been crowned six times, and that all the non-human men in the world had fallen at her feet one after another.. However, it didn't work. She was frigid. Xia Yuhan: How can my one hundred ex-husbands come on stage at the same time? Urgent! Wait online! Actor: Your real husband is right behind you. He is very popular. Psychic masters walk everywhere. There are as many lovers as dogs in previous lives. I'm afraid you can't remember me. This is how the story begins. Broken him. "Crying again." Bai Cha stared blankly at the ceiling. Chen Jingyuan's cry was not a loud cry, but a pear blossom with rain, with his whole body trembling slightly and his shoulders shrugging. And the "Monster Hunter" identity setting is completely different, his cry is implicit, restrained and seductive. Fascinating? Forget it White tea in the mouth. Not to mention the body of a girl of seven or eight years old, even if she returns to the body of more than twenty years old, she can't do the foolish thing of "green herself". I fell in love with him 12 years later. "Restraint!" She tried to caress his back, thought, then drew back her outstretched hand and sat awkwardly on the edge of the bed, pretending nothing had happened. Chen Jingyuan's weeping was like a broken faucet, and every time the white tea thought he was going to stop, it rang off and on. She was a little melancholy, a little depressed, a little bored. When I was a child, my parents quarreled, and at the end, my mother would cry and shout, while my father fled to the balcony to light a cigarette. Small white tea is very angry, the wife cried, as a husband should not be a good comfort? Why did you slip away with a bored look? At this moment, she understood her father's mood and had only one thought left in her mind: "When will this guy finish crying?" The vicissitudes of life light a cigarette.jpg It is absolutely impossible to go, leaving the crying Jiao Hua, go out to hide quiet,digital whiteboard price, do the name of "slag woman". Why don't you do something else quietly? White tea guess that after this emotional vent, the repair progress of the soul fragments should be accelerated a lot. She gripped the ribbon and called out the balanced scorecard itself. As soon as the eyes were affixed to the strategic core and ready to check the progress, a bitter voice came from behind: "What are you doing?" "I didn't do anything!" White Tea turned pale with fright and crumpled the scorecard into a ribbon. You're not paying attention. Chen Jingyuan stared angrily at his red eyes. Ah White tea is at a loss. You comfort me that I'm not paying attention at all. He is full of resentment. No The white tea quibbled as if it had been caught by the teacher. A perfunctory woman. Chen Jingyuan lay on his back on the bed and muttered.


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