Immortal inverse

As for Wang Lin, without saying a word, at the moment when he discovered that there was a monk in the period of yuan Ying, and that his cultivation was only in the early stage, he immediately waved his right sleeve, and immediately a small black flag galloped out of his cuff.

As for Wang Lin, without saying a word, at the moment when he discovered that there was a monk in the period of yuan Ying, and that his cultivation was only in the early stage, he immediately waved his right sleeve, and immediately a small black flag galloped out of his cuff. Almost instantaneously, the flag grew strong against the wind, wrapping the place where the monk of the yuan infant period was in seclusion inside it. The corners of Wang Lin's mouth showed a sneer, if the other party had reached the middle stage of yuan Ying, then he would not hesitate to give up helping Cheng Xian and immediately return to Beiyuan. But now, since the other side is the beginning, Wang Lin did not have the slightest fear, although the forbidden banner did not have him to preside over the power will be much less, but trapped yuan Ying early monks for a quarter of an hour, or can do it. This quarter of an hour is enough for Wang Lin to do everything he wants to do. No longer paying attention to the yuan Ying friar, Wang Lin calmly walked in the white fog, he released the forbidden banner, trapped the yuan Ying friar's action, no one noticed. Wang Lin leisurely shuttle in the white fog, soon came to Cheng Xian's residence, before a sweep of divine consciousness, Wang Lin has found Cheng Xian in it, but its current state is somewhat dangerous. Cheng Xian lay on the bed of the house, staring at the roof with dull eyes. Two tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes. The spiritual power in his body was in a state of confusion, running around in his body. Next to him stood a middle-aged man with a slightly fat body. The man frowned, pinched Cheng Xian's mouth with his right hand, and threw pills of elixir in. While pouring the medicine, he cursed in his mouth: "Little bastard,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, I told you long ago that the beauty was a disaster, but you just didn't listen. Hum, especially the girl Tong, she was very scheming. How could you subdue her? Is it all right now?" From now on, don't think about it all the time. It's the right way to make alchemy with your teacher in the future! Cheng Xian turned a deaf ear, and as the elixir entered his body, the spiritual power in his body slowly calmed down. His teacher sighed and said, "I know you are not reconciled. How many times have you been there?"? If you hadn't pulled down your old face as a teacher, your life would have been gone long ago. Is Dongyuan the place you can break into? "Don't blame the teacher for forbidding your body this time. There's a message from Dongyuan. If you go to fool around again, you will be ruined." The middle-aged fat man shook his head and turned to leave the room. Wang Lin stood outside the courtyard,Self-closing Faucet, divinely saw this behind the scenes, slightly hesitated, he jumped into the courtyard, Cheng Xian's teacher, did not notice at all, Wang Lin has entered Cheng Xian's room. He looked at Cheng Xian, waved his right hand, and immediately broke the ban on his actions. As soon as Cheng Xian's body trembled, he sat up and stared at Wang Lin with hatred in his eyes. He gritted his teeth and said, "You were sent by that bitch to kill me. Do it. I'm not afraid!" Wang Lin is wearing a mask, plus at this time, whether it is breath or cultivation, are very different from the previous Fen Shen, so Cheng Xian simply can not detect it. Wang Lin took one look at Cheng Xian, his left hand moved, and immediately a forbidden shadow appeared in front of him, which spread in an instant and wrapped the whole house in it. As soon as Cheng Xian's eyes froze, he smiled sadly and said, "That bitch is so skillful that she can invite the seniors from the outer courtyard to deal with the little people like me. Come on, stainless steel squatting pan ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, kill them if you want. If you frown, I won't call you Cheng Xian." After setting up a ban around, Wang Lin said slowly in a cold tone: "I am indeed entrusted, but not to kill you, but to help you. Tell me, what happened in the end, in detail." Cheng Xian was stunned. After taking one look at Wang Lin, he hesitated and said, "Who entrusted the elder?" Wang Lin frowned and said coldly, "I only gave you three sentences. It was the first sentence just now. If the last two sentences haven't been made clear, let it go." As soon as Cheng Xian gritted his teeth, he showed a desperate look on his face and said, "Gongsun Tong of Dongyuan, it's her. All this is her fault.". She is a bitch, and the purpose of her contact with me is for the great ape and the two apes. Wang Lin hesitated a little and said, "Is this spirit ape yours?" Wang Lin said this, asked very skillfully, to know that there are many spirit beasts in Yuntianzong, the role of these spirit beasts, this is to let the alchemist take the elixir of medicine, so that Gongsun Tong's practice, but also understandable. Cheng Xian nodded his head and said, "I know what the elder means. But the Great Ape and the Second Ape are not the spirit beasts of the Yuntian Sect. They were acquired before I entered the Yuntian Sect. I took them with me. According to the rules of the sect, I am the owner of these two spirit beasts." Wang Lin's eyes were calm and he said slowly, "Gongsun Tong first approached you and then asked you for the spirit ape. In order to please the beauty, you gave the two spirit apes away. Is that right?" Cheng Xian showed regret on his face and said excitedly, "But." But I thought she wanted to use the spirit ape as a mount, but I didn't think her purpose was the inner alchemy of the spirit ape! The big ape has disappeared after the inner alchemy was taken out. He must have died. Now there are only two apes left. I went to Dongyuan many times to ask for the bitch, but every time I was stopped outside. There was also Lu Song, a disciple of Mr. Mu Da, who hurt me many times. Wang Lin frowned slightly, he did not want to participate in such things, but Cheng Xian, after all, helped him get the foundation of Dan Fang, in reason, to help. After a little silence, Wang Lin took one look at Cheng Xian and said flatly, "How do you want revenge?" Cheng Xian's eyes were red. He gnashed his teeth and said, "If the two apes are all right, then forget it. I, Cheng Xian, admit defeat. But if the two apes are dead, then I want them to be buried with them!" Wang Lin nodded and said in a gentle tone, "As you wish!" With that, he stepped back, left the house in an instant, and disappeared without a trace. Cheng Xian gawked at the position where Wang Lin had stood before, and his eyes showed confusion. Besides, Wang Lin, after he got out of Cheng Xian's house, he was going very fast all the way, but just as he was about to leave Nanyuan, suddenly he had a meal at his feet and suddenly turned his head to the distance. There, he felt a wave of divine consciousness, a little silence, Wang Lin turned back, his right hand waved, his body immediately turned into white fog, disappeared without a trace in a twinkling of an eye. As soon as his body disappeared,Time Delay Faucet, he saw Li Muwan's posture like electricity, and immediately came here. Behind her was a middle-aged man with a gentle face. Younger martial sister, what on earth are you looking for? The man frowned and said slowly.


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