Tomb of God

Chen Nan circled around the Tiger King and said, "I didn't expect this guy to be so stubborn. He's already hurt like this, and he still doesn't want to leave this world."

Chen Nan circled around the Tiger King and said, "I didn't expect this guy to be so stubborn. He's already hurt like this, and he still doesn't want to leave this world." The little princess was a little nervous and said uneasily, "You don't want to do it again, do you?" "Yes, I don't know how many people will suffer if this fierce beast is left in the world." The little princess stood in front of him and said, "No, I won't let you touch it." The tiger king suddenly staggered to his feet. At this time, the blood in the place where he lay was half a foot deep. When he looked at Chen Nan, his eyes flickered fiercely, but he was somewhat afraid. When he looked at the little princess, his eyes were softer. "Why, it's not hostile to me. Little tiger, you won't bite me, will you?" When the tiger king heard the little princess's words, he shook his head with humanity. The little princess immediately cheered and said, "Oh, my God, he can understand what I'm saying. It's unbelievable." After seeing the tiger king stand up,phycocyanin spirulina, Chen Nan has pulled out the long knife, the blade is cold and shining, and the murderous look is awe-inspiring. When the little princess saw what he was doing, she said hurriedly, "Don't do it." "What if it hurts people again?" Chen Nan asked. "No," said the little princess. "It won't hurt anyone anymore." "You are not it. What can you promise?" You.. Hum, he listens to me. The little princess turned back to the tiger king and said, "Listen to me. Don't hurt anyone else,rosmarinic acid supplement, or this smelly guy in front of you will kill you." The tiger king looked at the little princess, looked at Chen Nan, and finally nodded. This made the little princess very happy and said, "It's so spiritual. It's stronger than those dragons of the stinking dragon riders. Little tiger, you can follow me in the future. I promise I will treat you well." "Save your strength," Chen Nan sneered. "Such a big guy will go with you obediently. Dream on. Besides, he was so badly injured that it was a problem for him to walk. The mercenaries would never let him go. "I don't care. I won't let anyone hurt it again. If those mercenaries want to take action, you must protect it." "Are you kidding me? I protect it?" The little princess ignored him and said with some distress, "The little tiger is seriously injured and has difficulty in moving, and it is so big. How can we get rid of it?" Then something happened that stunned Chen Nan and the little princess. The tiger king's wings and horns suddenly disappeared. The huge tiger's body began to shrink rapidly. The tiger's body shrank from three feet to less than ten feet. All the weapons inserted in its body fell to the ground. The wounds on its body were healing rapidly. In a short time, it was as good as before. The tiger king shook his body vigorously, and the blood on his body was immediately thrown clean, showing a snow-white and shiny fur. "It's actually a demon tiger, saw palmetto extract ,carnosic acid price," Chen Nan exclaimed. "It already knows how to change." The little princess was also surprised and cried, "That's incredible! She really knows how to change." Chen Nan pondered that although he had never seen a monster, he had heard his father talk about it. Many spirit beasts in the East are able to gather the vitality of heaven and earth and absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. With the accumulation of time, these spirit beasts gradually become psychic and gradually find out their own methods of cultivation. Many spirit beasts have become extremely powerful, and in the eyes of the world, these spirit beasts have become monsters, and the more powerful ones are called monsters. Demons and monsters both have extraordinary magical powers. Demons are generally huge and can puff, while monsters are obviously much more powerful. Legendary monsters can be transformed into human form and know magic, which can not be matched by the top masters of the world. At that time, his father Chen Zhan had met a powerful monster, and after a war, he beat the monster back to its original shape. After the war, Chen Zhan had thought carefully and gradually understood some mysteries about monsters and monsters. In the process of cultivation, the monster slowly changed its constitution, so that its body can better accommodate the spirit between heaven and earth, so the monster is generally huge, in that huge body is full of powerful energy. Once the monster is seriously injured or on the verge of death, the energy in the body will slowly dissipate, showing its original shape and becoming as big as an ordinary beast. Monsters are much more powerful than monsters. They are no longer pursuing quantitative changes in their bodies, but striving for qualitative changes. The reason why monsters are transformed into human forms is that they are also trying to change their constitutions in order to better practice. Legend has it that the bodies of people and some mythical beasts are the most suitable for cultivation, so monsters either strive to become adults or to become mythical beasts. Chen Nan gazed at the tiger king in front of him, his face full of surprise. Previously, he thought it was just a powerful Warcraft, but he didn't think it knew how to practice the monster. It's really not easy. It's worthy of having the blood of the Oriental White Tiger and the Western Demon Tiger. It not only knows how to cultivate monsters, but also has the ability to perform magic from Warcraft and Life. I'm afraid this guy has been practicing for thousands of years. It's really a pity to kill him. "Absolutely not," said the little male. "The little tiger is cute, beautiful, and so magical. I must keep it by my side, but I wish it were a little smaller." After listening to the little princess's words, the tiger king swayed his body, and his body really began to get smaller. "Great!" The little princess was very excited. The tiger king has changed from ten feet long to one foot long, and looks like a cute little porcelain cat. The little princess cried happily, "Oh, you have really turned into a real little tiger. Come here quickly." She waved to the Tiger King. The tiger king, the size of a kitten, twisted his body, gave birth to a pair of white wings under his abdomen, and a jade horn appeared on his forehead. Then he flapped his wings and flew to the arms of the little princess. Chen Nan looked dumbfounded and murmured, "How can this be possible? When the monster is seriously injured and loses its strength, it will be beaten back to its original shape. How can it continue to become smaller?"? This tiger has a strange.. The little princess held the snow-white tiger king in her arms and giggled. The tiger king put away his wings and horns, and at this time, like a supple kitten, he narrowed his eyes comfortably in the arms of the little princess. Chen Nan sighed, "Sehu,turmeric extract powder, you really know how to find a place!" The little princess said angrily, "What nonsense are you talking about, scum? The little tiger will not be as dirty as you." 。


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