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Original title: Introduction to the production process of KN95 mask machine Near the end of the year, in order to better control the epidemic in various regions, people need to wear masks when traveling, whether on the way to work or school, timely self-protection is the fundamental measure. Among them, disposable medical masks and KN95 masks are one of people's choices if they want to wear masks with better protective performance. But some friends may not be very clear about the composition and production steps. Let's talk about it in detail today. One. Composition structure of medical mask 1. Medical masks are made of melt-blown nonwovens. , a non-woven fabric,Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, a mask belt and a nose clip, wherein the outer layer and the inner layer are made of the non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is made of the melt-blown fabric. The outermost layer of the mask has an anti-droplet design,Medical Full Body Coverall, the middle layer is the core functional layer, which is mainly used to filter droplets, particles or bacteria, and the inner layer mainly plays the role of moisture absorption. 2. The main filter material is what we often call melt-blown fabric. ? Melt-blown fabric is a kind of ultra-fine electrostatic fiber cloth. It is precisely because of this electrostatic effect that dust can be captured faster and better. Droplets containing various viruses can be adsorbed on the surface of melt-blown fabric when they are close to polypropylene melt-blown fabric. As for the selection of melt-blown fabric, the higher the weight, KN95 Face Mask ,free shipping disposable coverall, the better the protective filtration effect. KN95 uses 40 grams or even higher. II. Detailed explanation of KN95 mask machine and equipment The KN95 mask machine is mainly used for the automatic forming of three-dimensional masks. Its working principle is mainly to unroll the whole roll of cloth and then drive it by the roller. The cloth will be pulled and unrolled by the whole roll of the nose bridge strip. After cutting to a fixed length, it will be introduced into the edge-wrapped cloth for welding, integral forming and welding. The drive will continue to print backward, and then through the ear belt welding. Then it is folded by the folding mechanism, then sealed by ultrasonic tilt, and finally cut and formed by the cutter roller, and then dropped into the sterile basket, and then transported to the next disinfection process, which is the operation process of the whole KN95 mask machine. Expand the full text III. Production capacity of KN95 mask machinery and equipment When it comes to the production capacity of KN95 mask machine equipment, it is still relatively good. The final production is the size of a universal mask. Basically, one person can complete this work. Of course, the feeding method of this machine requires manual feeding, while the feeding method is automatic feeding, which is very convenient. The production rhythm is 35-45 PCs/min. The above is the related introduction of medical masks, as well as the detailed explanation of KN95 mask machinery and equipment, thank you for your sincere reading! Finally, Xiaobian would like to remind you that the festival is coming soon. For everyone, you may want to get together with friends more,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, but in the critical period of prevention and control, it's better not to gather. Wear a good mask when traveling, and be responsible for yourself and others! Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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