The system has a male face.

The father and son had just finished discussing a political matter when Zhang Xiu presented the note of the three princesses to the emperor.

"That's right, Younger Martial Brother." Feng Kui looked at Qi Guichen and asked casually, "Younger Martial Brother, are you here to bring food for Elder Martial Brother?" Wen Yan Qi Guichen a meal. Feng Kui laughed in his heart, but he still said quietly, "Is it difficult for Younger Martial Brother to send wine to Elder Martial Brother today?"? But Elder Martial Brother is hungry. What can I do? Man! Did you forget the snack box you left yesterday! Feng Kui narrowed his eyes and looked at Qi Guichen. After a moment, he saw Qi Guichen drooping his eyes and saying, "That." I'm gonna go get some ingredients for.. You make something to eat. Wait! What did the man just say? Feng suddenly felt that today's wind was a bit noisy, as if he had just misheard something? The man said he wanted to cook for him! In that case, it is better to take the dog with you. "What did you say just now?" Feng Kui stared at Qi Guichen and said, "Do it." Cook “… This time I forgot to bring the food. Qi Guichen turned his head and said uncomfortably, "The green bamboo will be delivered tomorrow." A little soft and cute, a little arrogant. The seal clapped his cheek, not yet blackened to the extent of the male protagonist in the book, a little cute and swollen! "That.." Younger Martial Brother finally came to sit down with Elder Martial Brother. How can Elder Martial Brother let you cook for me? Feng Kui smiled at Qi Guichen and said, "Younger Martial Brother, sit down for a while. I'm going to get some side dishes. We.." Have a good chat. When Qi Guichen heard this, he raised his eyebrows, and the smile on his face almost stopped. Why did you gasp for breath just now! Look! The man misunderstood it! With a smile on his face, he actually went to the back kitchen of the house with tears streaming down his face. These days, he has picked up some edible things around him, although it may be a little shabby. When he served the vegetables fried with mushrooms and a plate of peanuts mixed with sugar, he suddenly missed the instant noodles he had been holding that night. It's still braised beef. Qi Guichen looked down at the two dishes on the table but did not move his chopsticks. He turned his eyes and said, "I'm going to get two cups of tea." Then he turned around and left. You asked him why he left? Joke! How can he test the poison while he is standing there? "My own son, how could I be willing to poison you?" Just as Feng was carrying two cups of tea in his heart,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Qi Guichen had quickly completed the procedure of testing the poison. When the seal returned to the table, Qi Guichen was holding one with his head down and his face unchanged. Peanuts. Younger Martial Brother, tea. Seal put the tea on the table, Qi Guichen answered in a low voice but did not mean to reach for it. Seal in the heart cold hum, although the man looks young, but this careful mind is a lot. After sitting for a moment, Qi Guichen got up and planned to go. Feng watched the white shadow in front of him gradually disappear in the field of vision, then reached out and picked up a peanut and threw it into his mouth. He chewed it a few times and murmured, "It seems that the system gentleman will wake up tomorrow." After finishing the rest of the meal, Feng stretched himself and said, "It's like recovering from an injury, but it's all house arrest." Yes, the seal finally noticed something was wrong these days, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, not so much to let him recuperate, but rather to ban his feet. Glancing at the golden eagle in the air, Feng touched his chin, and Hua Shaochen said the proposal. It seems that he can think about it. Roll up the drafted letter, raise the head of the seal and call down the golden eagle. He reached out and took out the bamboo tube tied to his left leg. When he saw that the golden eagle was about to fly away, he grabbed the left leg of the golden eagle and stuffed the letter back in his hand. Seeing that the head of the golden eagle flew away without looking back, Feng stretched himself and said, "Take it as it comes. Anyway, I won't take the dog so easily." Walking back into the room, Feng fell straight on his back on the bed. He reached for a book from the side of the bed, opened it and muttered, "But then again, I haven't seen the man's childhood sweetheart yet." Turning over the book, Feng suddenly remembered a plot in the previous "Immortal and Demon Fu". The woman in front of a pair of apricot eyes full of tears, small lips trembling gently, looking at the young man walking closer and closer in front of her, the woman shook her head and said, "No.". ” "Tao Yao, Qi Guichen is dead. What are you still doing here?" "You let go of me!" Tao Yao struggled to bite his lips and said angrily, "Feng Guixian!"! If you dare to touch me, I will kill you! "The mouth is quite hard." With a ferocious face, Feng Guixian slapped Tao Yao to the ground and bent over to press him. Tao Yao burst into tears and said, "Feng Guixian, I curse you." You must suffer all kinds of tortures in this world and throw yourself into the way of animals after death! ’ The above is selected from the plot of "Fairy and Devil Fu". The next thing is.. Indescribable. Lying on his back on the bed, he could not help but feel cold all over when he remembered the ending of the final seal. He remembered that after the chapter came out, the author's comment section was brushed negative by a group of people. Of course, the vast majority of people feel that Tao Yao has lost his true body and is not worthy of the man. Thinking of the man, he couldn't help sneering in his heart. Although the man had been miserable since he left the Yuheng Mountain Sect, when the man finally came back, he had experienced hundreds of battles, and Tao Yao became many bed companions of the man directly. One of them. Touching his chin, he vaguely remembered that it was because of this. It seems that the author finally wrote a heroine, and Tao Yao became a very common female partner. The heroine is the chief disciple of an immortal sect, which is naturally long, needless to say, simply throwing peaches eight streets a minute, just character. Looks like some crazy cool drag? Suddenly, the young man dressed in white and holding two jars of wine in his arms appeared in his mind. Feng Kui knocked on his forehead in distress, the man this proud abstinence face is finally how to practice battle-hardened and not fall? "Tut, this seal is also for death …" But it's really miserable. Feng opened his eyes and sat up slowly, putting aside the book in his hand. Feng began to worry about his future plans again. At present,oil dropper bottle, he has no worries about life for the time being, but what if the system king lets him die in the future? The most important thing is that the book "Immortals and Demons" is half written, and the rest of the plot is how to go? Can he play it safe and go to the end.


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