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The father and son had just finished discussing a political matter when Zhang Xiu presented the note of the three princesses to the emperor.

"How can there be such a bad woman in the world who cheats other people's money, occupies other people's place, lives a good life and turns around and forgets people?" Next to the people do not know the reason, in this instigation, began to point at Luoluo, eyes show disdain. Luoluo's hand behind her tightened slightly, and the old scars winding on her skin seemed to come to life, and the pain was unbearable. You say Jia Zhen is kind to me, but is he so kind? Asked Luoluo in a cold voice. As she spoke, she pulled up her sleeve, and the ferocious scar on it looked shocking, like a centipede crawling on her snow-white complexion, ugly and ugly. The crowd gasped. With red eyes, Luoluo approached the woman who had caused the trouble step by step and asked, "You say I'm vicious. Well,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, I tell you, I wish Jia Zhen were dead. So what?"? When he destroys my skin and breaks my bones and muscles, how can no one complain for me? Do I deserve to be beaten to death by him? "Who is not born and raised by your father and mother? If your beloved daughter is beaten so severely, and you say that your beloved daughter should not run away, should not leave, I have nothing to say!" "As for you,L Methylfolate Factory, there are only a few people in the world who know about my relationship with Jia Zhen. How do you know?"? Didn't Jia Zhen ask you to come? Did Jia Zhen tell you that he changed my name to Qianqingyue and treated me as a substitute for Sheng Yueji! Can tell you, I am slightly unlike Sheng Yueji, will be whipped dozens of times a few days can not eat! Can I tell you that he is a castrated man and has never received any benefit from Sheng Yueji? …… Wen Ruan listened to Luoluo's loud words, took a breath and lowered his head slightly. Can shake out the matter of Luoluo and Jia Zhen, can only be Sheng Yueji, today these people can only be hired by Sheng Yueji. But Sheng Yueji missed a point, she did not know what Jia Zhen had done to Luoluo. How could Jia Zhen tell such a thing to Sheng Yueji at the beginning, not afraid to destroy Sheng Yueji's "feelings" for him? Luoluo didn't dare to tell Sheng Yueji at the beginning. But Wen Ruan only felt pity. Even if Luoluo clears the stigma today, her old scars will be exposed again. But if Sheng Yueji could come up with this way to retaliate, she would have done so long ago, not to wait until today, D BHB Factory ,Kava Root Extract, she has a superior behind her. Probably, Taixiaozi? If it's really him, I'm afraid it's not that simple today. Sure enough, Wen Ruan turned his head and heard another voice. Someone in the crowd said, "The girl just said that you rented this shop from the second son of the Wen family. She also said that you hated Jia Zhen deeply. Then you must disdain his money. How can you have so much money to rent such a good shop?" "That's interesting. I heard that the second son of the Wen family has been getting close to the young lady of the Yu family recently. Girl, what's your relationship with the second son of the Wen family?"? Could it be that the second son of Wen is enjoying the blessings of the people of Qi? "Oh, Miss Yu?"? Isn't he the one who has an engagement with Prince Lv, Prince of Jin? This is still true. Birds of a feather are shameless. Wen Ruan listened to these words and winked. Today's big play is directed at Luoluo on the surface, and directed at the second elder brother and Yu Yue in the dark. *** you! A woman in red flew out of the shop and kicked away the people who had just talked nonsense. Yu Yue stood with a sword and stopped in front of Luoluo. She had long wanted to come out and give these people a good beating. It was Luoluo who wouldn't let her show up, saying that this kind of dirty thing would hurt her face. But now she couldn't help it. Yu Yue drew his sword and pointed at these people. "Luoluo's shop was opened by my aunt who lent her money. What's the matter? Are you not convinced?"? Aunt, I hate injustice most in my life. I can't see a big man bullying a little girl. I'm willing to help her. Can't I? Also, what about me and Brother Wen? Is it related to you? Aunt, my engagement with Lv Shizi is about to be dissolved. Aunt can marry whoever she wants. Who are you? His Majesty the Emperor didn't speak, and you bastards dare to gossip? "Then there are you bitches, how much did you charge Sheng Yueji to sing this big play for her?"? Call Sheng Yueji over if you have the ability. Believe it or not, I'll cut off her head on the spot! Bullying Luoluo, a weak woman, you are very capable, aren't you? Come to me if you dare! As she spoke, she turned over her wrist, drew a silvery arc, and pointed the tip of her sword at the face of the woman who was making trouble. In the face of the real sword, the troublemaker immediately became aware of it. Seeing that Yu Yue wanted to say something more, Wen Ruan quickly stepped out. She smiled angrily at Yu Yue and said, "You, you, what are you doing so fiercely? If you frighten Miss Sheng's accomplices, be careful that they accuse you of being a murderer in the street." "Wen Ruan!" Yu Yue was too angry to withdraw his sword. Wen Ruan patted her on the back of her hand and asked her to put the sword into the sheath first. Then she smiled and took Luoluo's hand and put down her sleeve to cover the scar on her arm. Then she turned to look at the crowd with different faces. After looking around, she laughed softly and said, "I'm really sorry to let you see a big joke, but I think many people have heard that Mr. Jia crawled after Luoluo in the street.". Everyone is a sensible person. Who doesn't know the old love between Mr. Jia and Miss Sheng at the beginning? Miss Sheng has a grievance in her heart. We understand it and won't haggle with it. I hope you don't say Miss Sheng is not good. Yin Jiuye, who was still hiding in the crowd, played well and pretended to be a passer-by and shouted, "So this is Miss Sheng deliberately trying to stir up Miss Luoluo's business?"? That's a bit of a loss! Wen Ruan straightened Luoluo's sideburns and sighed with grievance. "Miss Sheng is such a person. If she wants to bully Luoluo, let's endure it." "This is too shameless. Cutting off people's money is like killing parents." This was not said by Yin Jiuye, but by a "neutral audience" who had watched the play for a long time. That is to say,Heme Iron Polypeptide, there is no such bully. Sheng Yueji herself is so notorious that she wants to drag other people into the water. It's really hateful. "This time the proprietress of the Spring Pavilion is also unlucky to be stuck by such a lump of smelly dog shit." …… Wen Ruan listened to these words, gently pinched Luoluo's fingers, and pulled her into the shop.


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