Mobile Storm

The father and son had just finished discussing a political matter when Zhang Xiu presented the note of the three princesses to the emperor.

Now he had to do his duty as president and go to the practice hall early in the morning. It was summer vacation. There were so many people. Some stay up all night. Some places are just online. Sun Han is also here. This kid probably has nothing to do. He's refining the leaders of the Orc Legion. Three legions. On Motility. The most powerful is the Orc Legion, but how to use the orcish mecha. The power of the Orc mecha is brought into play. I really need to study it. When a few people fight, they need to exert their individual strength, but they fight in groups. The tactical formation is going to be in the first place, and Li Feng is planning the operational headquarters. But there are many difficulties. Easy to formulate. But it's hard to drill in complexity. Unable to gather enough members. But the difficulties can be overcome, and we need to slow down now. After they have further consolidated the nearest Dili. It is easy to float on the surface of a continuous new plan. The arrival of Li Feng drew a burst of noise. I can see that he is still very popular, and strength is a good thing. The arrival of angels has become the signboard of Fengshen Club, and the field is full of places for competition. Li Feng also pointed out from time to time. Then there is the actual combat. Ten captains together, but Li Feng did not use Advent Angel but Cano III. He is also establishing his prestige. There are many good players of Fengshen Club here, but because of the upgrade to A-level league, more are new players. Fortunately, it is. These new people have joined for a very short time, and Fengshen will be promoted only recently. He came back just in time, and the appearance of the four of them was not too abrupt. And the strength soon conquered many members. At noon, Salta and others went online one after another, but all three of them only cared about their own team. It's a bit competitive. Salta. Leland Garros. Sun Han who is stronger is really hard to say, to be fair, Salta's talent is really not a genius. He is the result of solid training from childhood,Glucono Delta Lactone, but even so, he still fails to meet the requirements of the Rocky family, and his talent is worse than his brother's. But I have to admit. The efforts of the day after tomorrow have a chance to overcome the congenital, and Li Feng's forcible opening of his spiritual sea is undoubtedly the greatest help to him. The future development will be limitless, and the effect of training will get half the result with twice the effort and become twice the result with half the effort. And now he really has the strength to fight against Li Lan Garros and Sun Han. Genetically skipping generations. It is unfair to ordinary people to increase the probability of mixing and even mutation, but it is also a kind of natural selection. With Salta, Li Feng will step down. He will go to the football dunk today to take over the task. There are two things that the Mecha Modification Association is desperately short of these days. When Li Feng arrived, the football dunk was checking the mobile suit. When he saw Li Feng coming, he smiled, Theobromine Powder ,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, "Today's task is completed.". Send the Advent Angel to overhaul it, too. Sister Lan is very happy these days. Do you have anything good to share? Do you have a boyfriend. I must introduce it to you. "We will guard the pass for you!" Li Feng laughed. " Go. Go? Where am I happy. Who would like a girl like me? Football slam dunk is obviously not suitable for such a topic. Li Feng immediately filled Tang with indignation, "just kidding.". Sister Lan wants to find a place. It must be from Wudou City to Leihuang City. I'm afraid your vision is too high. Bicker. The slam dunk master is no match for Li Feng. Don't be garrulous. Do you think everyone is as happy as you. Here. I've got the scroll, and it says over there that if you can finish it. The matter of these two mecha will be settled. But be careful. But don't lose your wife and lose your army! Li Feng took the two scrolls. Football slam dunk means that the task is not completed, the arrival of angels also took in, this. Of course it's impossible. The two golden scrolls looked quite exquisite. But this beautiful thing can only mean difficulty. Be careful, with the ability of our modification association, we haven't got these two parts together yet. The difficulty can be imagined. "Don't worry." Li Feng did not care, he never looked down upon anything, relaxed attitude is not ignored. In fact, he had nothing to be afraid of at all. Open the first scroll. The map clearly shows the situation of the mission. Pure Land of Bliss The favorite of top players, or the place that all players yearn for. But you can't get in without considerable strength. If you want to reach the Pure Land of Bliss, you must pass through the River of Santu. If you want to go to the River of Santu, you must pass the test of the captain. The new Santuzhi River, the unique Santuzhi River of Yuzhan, a huge steel warship parked on the red river bank. Although I know it's hard here. But it does not frighten the enthusiasm of the players, on the contrary, more and more players, a little confident adventurers will come here after accumulating some experience. And the recent Santu River is even more lively, because the first World's First Aircraft Battle Competition is about to begin. What players need to do is to constantly improve their strength, and the most important thing is to modify the mecha and enhance its attack power. Strengthen the equipment, and in the pure land of bliss at the destination of Santu River, it is the place where the whole platinum mobile suit can burst out. Of course, I have never heard of anyone who can have such strength and luck. There are not many players who know what the Pure Land of Bliss looks like. There is an official introduction, but only a little picture. Only people who go there know that it is said that the Pure Land of Bliss is also eighteen layers. Eighteen floors of hell. As a paradise, the Pure Land of Bliss is also 18 floors. Now there is a saying on the forum that it is only the fourth floor. Undoubtedly, the more difficult it is to go inside. Whether it's the eighteenth floor of hell. Or the 18th floor of the Pure Land of Bliss, there are the ultimate treasures that players can imagine. Opinions vary as to what it is. But to tell the truth, only such words, can only stimulate a very small number of top players to enter, and for most people is just a castle in the air,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, and now the reason why there are so many people living in Santu River is that they are all the players who are participating in the aircraft battle contest in various cities. There is a treasure on the second floor of the Pure Land of Bliss. Resurrection card, as long as you can get this resurrection card, you can revive once in the elimination match. This is the key to driving people to come.


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