Sit on the ground and become an immortal

He was sure that I was right, but if I guessed right, it would not be easy for the empress to become an empress. The big prince is crazy?

He was sure that I was right, but if I guessed right, it would not be easy for the empress to become an empress. The big prince is crazy? Zhao Chengze's coercion, what else. I was thinking hard in the car until the curtain was lifted and someone said, "Come on, get off." It's Zhao Shenxiao. I promised to go forward and see him stretch out his hand. I handed it out and he held it. I was about to jump down, but he stretched out his hand, put his arms around my waist and carried me to the ground. I was a little embarrassed. I stopped and looked around, but I saw a lot of green bricks in front of me, a bluestone floor, two big stone lions in front of me, and a plaque on the doorway with magnificent words: Luowangfu. Surprised, I turned to look at him. "Why Luowangfu?" Zhao Shenxiao has not yet opened his mouth to answer. Someone on the side of the door flashed out. It was Zhao Chengze in a green shirt. He smiled: "Why can't it be?"? Before entering the palace, I wronged you to live in my brother's house. Can't you? Smiling appearance, but I gnash my teeth, hand itching to scratch his face. Chapter 039 hate not to meet. After settling me in Luowangfu, Zhao Shenxiao left and went to the palace. Originally thought that Zhao Chengze would follow, but he said: "I am very tired and need to rest." He stayed in a high-sounding manner. I glanced at him and said, "Your Highness Luo was very brave when he was chasing people." Not angry, he smiled at me and turned into the inner hall. Take it as it comes, and I'm not afraid of him,plastic pallet manufacturer, so I took the opportunity to run around in Luowangfu. Originally thought that with his weak body, there should be one or two princesses and concubines, did not expect to turn around and did not meet, so strange. After a visit to the palace, I ate something in the hall, drank my tea, and was about to take a nap against the table. There was a slight sound of footsteps in the doorway, like a cat's paws on the floor. I turned my head and saw a fresh Zhao Chengze,ibc spill containment pallet, dressed in light white clothes, covered with a short silver embroidered gauze shirt, slanting under the ribs with a belt, long hair lingering neck and waist slightly moving, the whole like a new person. Had it not been for the faint blush on the side of his eyes, the folding fan in his hand, and the curved eyes like a fox with a pointed chin, I would not have dared to recognize them. Mountain spirit of a ghost-like person, suddenly turned white clothes, sunny day under the sun appeared, at first glance, like a handsome gentleman, really scary. I stared blankly. Zhao Chengze smiled and said, "Well, don't you know Ben Wang?"? After days of tiredness, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet box, why don't you take a bath? It's really comfortable. It turned out that he had gone to take a shower. I thought this man had gone to bed. No wonder he looked refreshed. The heart is very jealous, admit that he is right, if I knew he was going to bathe, I would hurry up to go, but now. "I don't want to be here." I gave him a sideways look, withdrew my eyes, and lay on the table again. There is absolutely no danger in the palace. Zhao Chengze stepped in and sat opposite me. "Well, you say that as if there were no silver here." I grunted, resting my chin on my arm and looking up at him. Don't you believe it, Miss Caiyi? He looked at me with a smile. I don't want to talk to you. Don't open my face. If I hadn't seen his horrible methods and known that he was a man who killed people without blinking, this lovely smile would certainly confuse me. I also wonder why such a ruthless person, with such a good skin, why not blue face and fangs, hateful face, in that case, or I will hate him a little more. And now, the man is smiling and shaking his fan. My eyes followed his hand slowly, and the fingers like bamboo, long jade color, did not look like a hand that could kill people. Luo Wang, "there was a silence around me, and I heard my voice muffled." What's the matter? He asked. King Luo, why don't you have a concubine? I asked. The fan paused slightly, and then he said, "Why do you ask?" After a pause, he said, "Oh, you've even found out if I have a concubine, haven't you?" Are you interested in Ben Wang? "Is it?" I smiled and raised my eyes to look at him. "Then do I want to read a sentence: Return your pearl to tears, and hate not to meet when you are not married?" Silence over there. Passed a little while, hear him say: "Return Jun Mingzhu double tearful … …" Hate not to meet. When you're not married.. His fan stopped completely, closed, and suddenly leaned forward toward me. I bent over the table and blinked at him. What are you doing I asked. Nothing, "the corner of the mouth picked," just. Good poem. He turned his head slowly. I'm speechless, too. Passed a little while I ask: "When can late night come back?" And he asked, "Are you hungry?" Almost at the same time. I looked at him. "I'm not very hungry. I ate something just now." He looked at me. "You really care. It might take a while." I said, "Oh, I don't feel comfortable sitting here." He had been away from the palace for a long time, and as soon as he returned, he was bound to go to his father to apologize, and then to his mother's side to say hello and deal with the aftermath. It would take a long time anyway. Zhao Chengze said slowly. I hear strange, cannot help asking: "Where is his mother?"? Isn't it yours? "No." Zhao Chengze hummed. I saw that his complexion was not very good, and I thought it would be better not to provoke this enemy. So he sighed and lay down again. Are you very tired? He asked. A little. I'm sullen. If you're tired, go in and sleep for a while. Anyway, he won't be back soon. "Is that okay?" I rubbed my eyes and looked at him longingly. No one is forcing you to sit here. He looked at me, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. You're not going to do anything bad by letting me go in to sleep, are you? I suddenly became alert. Zhao Chengze was dumb and then sneered,plastic pallet containers, "What do you think I'm going to do?" Eyes looking at me. I heard you.. You I opened my mouth proudly, thought about it, and stopped. Hear about me? He asked.


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