Honkai Star Rail Updates: New Characters - Version 2.1

Exciting Honkai Star Rail introduces thrilling new 5-star characters and an intriguing 4-star addition. Version 2.1 anniversary celebration brings dual phases with unique surprises and challenges, featuring the enigmatic Acheron with electrifying gameplay experience.



Exciting Honkai Star Rail Updates

  • Introducing a thrilling character event featuring not one, but two new striking 5-star characters, along with an intriguing 4-star addition to enrich your lineup.
  • Step into the realm of Honkai Star Rail as Version 2.1 unveils its anniversary celebration in dual phases, each offering unique surprises and challenges for players to conquer.
  • Meet the enigmatic Acheron, the formidable 5-star Nihility character, whose resemblance to Raiden Ei from another popular game is uncanny. Harnessing the power of lightning, Acheron promises an electrifying gameplay experience like never before.
  • Joining the roster is the returning favorite Luocha, back by popular demand in his banner's rerun. Don't miss this chance to recruit him if you didn't seize the opportunity during his initial banner appearance.
  • Prepare to be captivated by Gallagher, the fresh 4-star addition embodying fire and abundance. With a mysterious past and a complex persona, Gallagher's playstyle and narrative are poised to captivate players as they delve deeper into the new version.
  • In the second phase of Version 2.1, embark on an exhilarating journey with the reappearance of Jingliu and the introduction of Aventurine, the alluring 5-star character of imagination and preservation. Unveiling an alternate form known as "Aventurine of Stratagems," rumored to be a formidable new boss encounter awaiting brave adventurers in the game world.


To ensure you acquire the new characters, investing in oneiric shards is essential to obtain their light cones for optimal builds. Prepare yourself for dedicated grinding and relying on gacha luck to secure Acheron, Aventurine, or any of the returning 5-star characters. It's imperative to be ready to spend and strategize your resources wisely to enhance your gameplay experience.


Celebrate Honkai: Star Rail's one-year anniversary with a special event featuring a new board game mode inspired by a popular classic.

Enjoy a unique twist on the traditional board game experience with Honkai: Star Rail's new game mode, reminiscent of Monopoly but with a touch of HSR's flair and characters.

Acquire funds to purchase properties and land tiles as you navigate through the game, earning points to unlock event-exclusive cosmetics such as profile pictures and phone wallpapers.

Experience a triple reward boost in Planar Fissure and Realm of the Strange during the anniversary event, making it the perfect opportunity to stock up on gear and acquire the latest set of Planar Ornaments for version 2.1.

Immerse yourself in the world of Honkai: Star Rail with the anniversary event's exciting gameplay features and lucrative rewards, including enhanced bonuses in Simulated Universe and Caverns of Corrosion.


Exciting Updates and Anniversary Celebrations

Explore the latest addition to the simulated universe with the release of World 9, following the anticipation of World 8's debut. Don't miss out on the 300% boost available in World 9, providing a perfect chance to maximize your collection of items and gear. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience and delve deeper into the ever-expanding universe.


  • Version 2.1 brings exciting new features and activities for players to enjoy.
  • In addition to the anniversary board game, players can delve into the world of "Vignettes in a Cup," a bartending event set at the charming Dreamjolt Hostelry.
  • Participate in crafting delightful drinks for patrons and earn tips to unlock rewarding prizes.
  • One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to receive a 4-star selector upon successfully completing the challenges.
  • Yes, you heard it right! You have the chance to select a 4-star character of your choice from a curated roster.
  • Don't miss out on this event and seize the opportunity to add your desired character to your collection!


Experience the thrill of the new 'Tides of War' event, where you'll face off against waves of enemies across challenging stages. Gather grit from vanquished foes to unlock powerful buffs and progress through higher difficulty levels.

Participate in 'Tides of War' to earn coveted rewards such as Tracks of Destiny, Stellar Jades, and Relic Remains. Each battle presents a unique test of skill, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

Celebrate Honkai Star Rail's first anniversary with exciting giveaways from Hoyoverse. Claim additional Star Rail special passes and Stellar Jades, alongside a range of other valuable rewards from anniversary events.

On the anniversary day, receive a generous gift of 1,600 Stellar Jades via in-game mail. Use these to acquire ten Star Rail special passes, totaling to 20 passes for summoning your preferred characters.

Honkai Star Rail continues to delight players with its generous rewards and engaging gameplay. Embrace the opportunity to partake in the festivities, appreciating a year of challenges and adventures while looking forward to new experiences ahead.

Hoyoverse extends its gratitude to the loyal player base for their unwavering support, making the anniversary celebrations a token of appreciation for the dedicated community.

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