Honkai: Star Rail - Solve the Big Ticker Puzzle

Embark on an adventure in Honkai: Star Rail to discover the enigmatic Big Ticker puzzle, a formidable challenge revealing secrets essential for advancing in the game. Unveil steps to conquer this perplexing enigma and emerge victorious in your quest for glory.


Mysterious Big Ticker Puzzle

Embark on an adventure in Honkai: Star Rail where players must navigate through various planets and overcome obstacles to ensure peace prevails among the inhabitants.

Discover the enigmatic Big Ticker puzzle located within the depths of Penacony’s Soulglad Scorchsand Audition Venue, presenting a formidable challenge to players on their journey.

Unraveling the secrets of the Big Ticker is essential for advancing through the Seabiscuit questline in Honkai: Star Rail, offering a test of wit and determination to those who dare to undertake it.

Venture forth and explore the location of the Big Ticker puzzle, unveiling the steps required to conquer this perplexing enigma and emerge victorious in your quest for glory.


The Big Ticker in Honkai: Star Rail is a significant feature hidden within the Soulglad Scorchsand Audition Venue. To explore this unique venue, players can utilize the Audition Shuttle to navigate through a variety of challenges within the map.

Progressing through the Seabiscuit Quest unlocks a substantial portion of the region, offering players the opportunity to engage with the Big Ticker puzzle. This puzzle becomes accessible specifically when players opt for the "Gunfire Time: Time Trial" mode. Alternatively, initiating the Scorchsand Vacation quest also grants access to this intriguing challenge.

To embark on the Big Ticker puzzle adventure, players must first locate the three missing parts of the clockwork statue. Below are the designated locations to acquire these crucial components:

Location 1:[Details on the first part's location]

Location 2:[Details on the second part's location]

Location 3:[Details on the third part's location]

Embark on this thrilling quest in Honkai: Star Rail to uncover the secrets of the Big Ticker and test your puzzle-solving skills amidst the captivating gameplay experience.


Head towards the big ticker and make a right turn, then proceed along the path that will take you to the stairs. Descend the stairs and once again, make a right turn to find the gear.

Location 2: Gear can be found after following the aforementioned directions.


Dreamweaver's Puzzle Walkthrough

Head to the designated spot where the dream's eye is located. Utilize the mechanism to shift into the dreamweaver's perspective. Descend the following flight of stairs to reach the dream module. Establish a connection with the platform and engage with the subsequent dream eye to transition out of the bird's eye vantage point.

Proceed along the crimson pathway to confront the formidable dreamjolt troupe's creation, "Beyond Overcooked." Vanquish the adversary along with its accompanying minions to obtain the second crucial fragment required for the completion of the Big Ticker within the immersive realm of Honkai: Star Rail .

Destination: Location 3


To solve the Big Ticker puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these steps:

  • Use the nearest dream module to shift the platform to the right.
  • Enter the Dreamweaver's view and adjust the L-shaped platform for player traversal.
  • Proceed to the next dream module and exit the Dreamweaver's view to find the Big Ticker's broken heart marker.
  • Retrieve the broken heart and return it to the giant clock for progress.

To progress through the puzzle:

  1. Position the yellow block near Clockie to acquire the first gear.
  2. Restore the brick to its original placement.
  3. Slide the mirror to the right.
  4. Rotate the orange block twice.
  5. Lower the blue brick.
  6. Move the second yellow block towards the gear to align the platform for passage.

After Clockie acquires the second silver gear:

  1. Adjust the closest yellow block slightly forward.
  2. Lower the blue brick again.
  3. Rotate the orange block four times.
  4. Return the blue tile to its previous placement.
  5. Advance the other yellow tile to connect with the platform holding the golden gear.

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