Aymeric Laporte – Key Facts and Player Card Guide

Discover the remarkable defensive skills of Aymeric Laporte, a versatile center-back playing for Al Nassr and the Spanish national team. Obtain his impressive UEFA Euro International Stars card with exceptional attributes to strengthen your squad. Explore faster ways to earn FC 24 Coins ef

Introduction About Aymeric Laporte


Aymeric Jean Louis Gérard Alphonse Laporte, born on 27 May 1994, is a distinguished centre-back known for his exceptional defensive skills. Currently, he showcases his talents at Saudi Pro League club Al Nassr. Although he was born in France, Laporte made the significant decision to represent the Spain national team on the international stage.

Laporte's professional journey is marked by his tenure with several prominent clubs. At the age of 16, he joined Athletic Bilbao, becoming only the second French-born player to do so after Bixente Lizarazu. During his time at Bilbao, he made an impressive 222 competitive appearances. His career took a significant leap in January 2018 when he signed with Manchester City. At City, Laporte was instrumental in the team’s successes, including the historic domestic treble in 2019 and the country’s second-ever continental treble in 2023.

Internationally, Laporte's story is equally compelling. He accumulated 51 caps for France at various youth levels but never played for the senior team despite being called up twice. In 2021, he received Spanish citizenship and subsequently switched his national allegiance to Spain. Laporte was then selected for Spain's squad for UEFA Euro 2020 and later represented Spain in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. His defensive prowess and versatility have made him a valuable asset to both his club and national teams.

Aymeric Laporte's UEFA Euro International Stars card

Aymeric Laporte's UEFA Euro International Stars card is an exceptional addition to any squad, boasting an impressive overall rating of 96. As a Center Back, Laporte showcases a well-rounded set of attributes that make him a formidable force on the field. With a pace rating of 90, he can keep up with even the fastest attackers, while his defense rating of 96 ensures that he can effectively shut down opposition threats. His physicality rating of 93 adds to his robustness, making it difficult for opponents to outmuscle him. Additionally, Laporte's passing rating of 84 and dribbling rating of 83 provide him with the technical skills necessary to contribute to the build-up play from the back. This card is particularly advantageous for solidifying your defense, allowing you to maintain a strong defensive line and control the game with confidence.


How to Obtain Aymeric Laporte's Player Card

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