Imagine the eternal night

Looking at the picture of sisterhood in front of us, we can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, after looking at each other, finally remembered the words of kapok just now.

Looking at the picture of sisterhood in front of us, we can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, after looking at each other, finally remembered the words of kapok just now. It seems that they didn't mishear that sentence just now? One person may mishear, two people may mishear, but everyone mishears at the same time? You can just knock me out, and no one will believe it. Did you all hear what Kapok said just now? After hesitating for a long time, Qingxue took the lead in speaking. I'd like to say what I didn't hear, but.. The seductive one thought blankly about the words of the kapok just now. Shadow thorn, what do you say? Looking around, the night elf hunter on one side, after hesitating for a long time, threw the question to his friend. If I heard it right just now, kapok just used two words, right? The more urgent the matter is, the calmer the night elf thief is. After calming down, he quickly found a flaw in what Kapok had just said. Hearing the words of the shadow thorn, everyone raised their eyebrows in surprise at the same time, and then turned to look at the dwarf beauty Kapok Paradise, who was acting like a spoiled child in her sister's arms. Kapok? The lovely dwarf beauty is young, but she is also very clear why everyone is staring at her, very simply said: "Well, yes,ibc spill pallet, I just used the word like two." "So what Kapok said just now is probably not true?" When Qingxue heard Kapok say this, she tilted her head slightly and said lovingly. Chapter 41 amount? Fiance? "But it could also be true." I haven't heard everyone breathe a sigh of relief because they heard Qingxue's words. The punishment knight, who had been silent beside him, raised his eyebrows directly and said, "After all, kapok doesn't lie, does it?" "Well.." Hearing the words of faith, everyone could not help looking at each other. The slender and tender fingers gently rubbed the forehead that began to throb because of the sudden topic. Qingxue turned her head and looked at her partner,plastic pallet bins, the punishment knight of the mercenary regiment, who still saw a trace of doubt in the depths of her eyes. She raised her eyebrows gently, and then unexpectedly saw the other side shake his head slightly. That means not only that you don't have enough information to judge, but that you can't intervene. Qingxue looked at the expression of faith and nodded with a wry smile to show that she understood. Not to mention the communication between Qingxue and faith here, the Lily of the valley over there has begun to struggle, when did she have a fiance? Why don't you ever hear about it from your family? After looking up and looking at the shadow thorn with the same bad face, he looked at his sister again. Kapok, as you said just now, you are not sure if this is true, are you? Lily of the valley still did not give up and wanted Kapok to say that she was joking just now. It's just a pity that.. "Well, yes, but I saw the love thing you exchanged with the fiance's brother at my mother's place!" Lovely tone, not lovely words, directly let everyone speechless again. An object of love? Everyone could not help frowning tightly again. Yes, it's a jade pendant. It's very beautiful. "Good baby kapok is very cute gesture." Jade pendant? Lily of the valley's face stiffened when she heard the word, and she thought of something that had happened a long, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet crates, long time ago. Lan Lan, do you think of anything? The shadow thorn sensitively found that the body of the lover in his arms stiffened slightly. Lily of the valley looked up and kissed her boyfriend in silence. Then she turned to look at everyone who was nervous. She said helplessly, "Kapok, is the jade pendant you mentioned an emerald green phoenix pattern?" "Ah, yes, that jade pendant is so beautiful!" The good baby kapok is very cute and nodded his head. Hear the words of Lily of the valley, do not say to be surprised to exclaim again everybody, shadow thorn face a tight, originally loose embrace Lily of the valley arm directly a force, embrace the lover in the bosom. Lanlan "Shadow thorn, it's all right, even if there is an engagement, I will not admit it, after all.". I didn't know anything about it. Besides, I already have a shadow thorn. I'm not going to be with anyone else. "Lily of the valley was not frightened by the shadow thorn's movements and face, but smiled sweetly and soothed her nervous lover." Lanlan In the depths of the shadowy eyes, a slightly restless light faded, revealing a gentle smile and a low, soft voice calling the nickname of his lover. Shadow thorn! I'm here! The beautiful night elf huntress raised her head slightly, stood on tiptoe slightly, and kissed softly on the lips of her lover, who was still slightly uneasy. Lan Lan, don't leave me. Yes, I'm here. We'll always be together. In the exchange of shallow kisses, there is an endless sense of comfort, soothing the same restless heart. Looking at the sweet kiss in front of the Lily of the valley and the shadow thorn, someone in the mercenary regiment suddenly had a sense of crisis, turned to look at the beautiful female priest beside him, the head of the mercenary regiment closely watched the people around him, in the bottom of his heart can not help but secretly murmur, Meier is so beautiful, in reality. Will not also be pursued, right? “BOBO?” As if to feel the idea of the man around, seductive slightly raised his head, low as the wind blowing, calling the already familiar name. Meier, you don't have any suitors in reality, do you? To tell the truth, Polav is really nervous, although he and seductive together for a long time, but, after all, in the game, reality, reality of seductive, he has never seen. The beautiful female priest smiled, stretched out her white and tender fingers and gently stroked Polav's firm face, laughing in a low voice: "BOBO, when this regional map mission is over, let's meet in reality!" "Meier!" Hearing the seductive saying so, Polav directly surprised his lover tightly hugged in his arms and kissed him hard. She knew that Meier knew she was uneasy,plastic pallet manufacturer, so she, who had some hesitation about meeting him, would offer to meet him.


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