Miss Biao will not live to be seventeen.

Su Wenjin hugged Su Li, coaxed the child to play for a while and then suddenly said,

Su Wenjin hugged Su Li, coaxed the child to play for a while and then suddenly said, "Niang, I want to go to my uncle's house for a while." Mrs. Su was stunned and looked up at her daughter. Su Wenjin's expression was very serious, and she could see that she had been thinking about this idea for a long time. But her mother's family is not a rich family, her mother is old, because of her sister-in-law, it is not convenient to live with her brother. She understood the meaning of Su Wenjin, just want to stay away from Suzhou, do not want to see the Cheng family, do not want to touch the relationship with the Cheng family. But the elder brother there is always inconvenient, Mrs. Su hesitated, Su Wenqing said, "Let the third sister go to the capital for a period of time." Su Wenjin and Mrs. Su were both stunned. Su Wenjin smiled and said, "As far as I know, Mrs. Su's family is not a rich and noble family. If the Cheng family wants to find it, they can still find it.". Since the third sister wanted to avoid the Cheng family, she found a place where the Cheng family dared not bother. I went to the house of the fifth uncle in the capital once. It was very well repaired, but there were too few people and it seemed deserted. Su Wenjin is a person who is not afraid of life, so she will not be afraid to go to such a place as the capital, this is one of them. Cheng family is just a businessman, as long as the capital dare not have any action, this is the second. As for the third, Su Wenqing simply wanted to find something unpleasant for Su Changming. It's a waste to live alone in such a good house. Su Changming doesn't like Su Wenqing,fake ficus tree, but he likes Su Wenjin's niece very much. He often takes Su Wenjin to play with Su Yu on weekdays. Su Changming is now an official in the capital, and there are no women there, so he won't feel that Su Wenjin is an eyesore. Just Su Wenjin a woman, living in his uncle's house always feel uncomfortable, and Su Wenjin now has a child, if there are some rumors can be good. Su Wenjin is a bright eyes feel OK, a few days ago Su Yu followed the third uncle to the capital, she had always wanted to go to the capital, now still want to see. The fifth uncle always wrote letters saying that his house was excellent and that one more of her was nothing. I think it is feasible,faux grass wall, I am alone with a child, whether in the capital or other places, will cause some gossip, but I am not afraid of these. Besides, after Wenqing got married, she was going to the capital, so she had a chance to take care of her. I'm just afraid Uncle Wu won't agree. I'll write a letter to ask Uncle Wu's opinion. Su Wenqing smiled. "Uncle Wu must have agreed." Mrs. Su thought about it and finally nodded. Old Mrs. Su frowned for a long time after she knew it. Perhaps she felt that it was inappropriate for Su Wenjin to go alone. Su Wenjin reminded her with a smile, "Grandma, you can't forget that the third uncle and Su Yu are also in the capital." Su old lady then remembered, Su Changyu just as well, but Su Yu is just right, Su Yu and Su Wenjin is a sister and brother, "Wenjin want to go there, the Cheng family is very annoying these days, since you want to go early.". There's no need to ask Changming. I'll tell him where he doesn't agree. Let Su Yu stay for a while longer and let him come back when Wenqing goes to the capital. He happens to have a care. As soon as Mrs. Su heard that she wanted Su Yu to stay longer, she was startled, but because of her daughter, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,Faux cherry blossom tree, the palms and backs of her hands were all fleshy, and finally she could only nod. On that day, he arranged all the people around him, ordered them carefully, and asked Su Wenqing what he was paying attention to in the capital, and then he was escorted to the capital. After leaving, he kept saying, "If I had known this, I would have let Wen Jin go with Su Yu. Now it's worrying to be alone." After waiting for a few days, the two old men of the Cheng family sent someone to take Su Li over. Mrs. Su immediately felt refreshed and ordered the servant girl to go out and reply. "The servant girl's mouth was sharp, and in a few words she pushed back the woman sent by the Cheng family." Our three young ladies are out of the house. They are not here. When will they come back? Then I don't know, maybe a few months, maybe a few years. Of course, the young master followed the third young lady. There was nothing to worry about. There were so many women and maids around him that there was no need to worry. By the way, our young lady said that if Mr. Cheng has a letter in the future, don't send it to the Su family again. Our young lady is not here, and it's not good if someone else sees it. Besides, Cheng Childe is in the battlefield, this war is in chaos, don't be distracted and hurt again or something.. The woman was blushed by the little servant girl, surprised and wondering whether Su Wenjin was still there or not, and hurried back to Cheng's house to reply. The two elders of the Cheng family were also frightened, but they didn't quite believe it. After a few days, they really didn't see the news of Su Wenjin, and they didn't give up asking about it again. It turned out that Su Wenjin was really not in the house, and they left with their grandson of the Cheng family? Master Cheng and Mrs. Cheng really panicked, but no matter how they inquired, the Su family just didn't tell Su Wenjin where he had gone. He did not dare to write to his son for fear of disturbing him, and finally he could only go to check secretly, but to no avail for a while. Su Mansion in the capital. Because Su Changyu and Su Yu are not in a hurry, two people come slowly all the way, Su Changyu travels north and south, Su Yu has only been to Suzhou and Hangzhou, along the way listening to Su Changyu's advice is to learn a lot. When they arrived in the capital, it was already May, and they had been walking on the canal for nearly a month. When he arrived at Su Changming's house in the capital, it was already evening, because he arrived at Su Changyu in the evening and did not tell the Xu family, but he did not want Xu Ziyue to come over by himself at dinner. Su Changyu was not surprised at all, and Su Changming seemed to be used to it, only Su Yu was stunned for a moment. Xu Ziyue is now about seventeen years old, and he is as tall as his third uncle, but a little thin. Jade hairpin hair, a white wide-sleeved gown, a belt embroidered with silver thread around the waist, a handsome face, and a small red mole at the end of the eye add some color. It only takes one stop over there to attract everyone's attention. Is this young man, now is actually five grades of Dali Temple Shaoqing? Such a good appearance, such a good bearing, and such a good ability. No wonder the fifth sister looks down on others at all. The heart said that if the grandmother saw the real person, she might not know how to worry about it. The fifth uncle and Xu Ziyue were very familiar with each other, but the third uncle ignored Xu Ziyue, and Xu Ziyue was not angry and complimented the third uncle from time to time. Looking at the immortal man coaxing the third uncle, Su Yu looked interesting. After dinner,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, Su Changyu gazed at Xu Ziyue and said, "Are you still willing to marry Wenqing now?" Xu Ziyue raised his eyebrows, "naturally willing." 。 hacartificialtree.com


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