Concubine hidden in a golden house

Ruan Da's blood is very thick, and very resistant to fight,

Ruan Da's blood is very thick, and very resistant to fight, the HP has been reduced by 10% for a long time. In YY, Yu Fei was called out, and Yu Fei immediately appeared, followed by [God of the Heavenly Sword], the soy sauce couple, the Thunderbolt Trio, and several familiar names of the team that grabbed the boss before. Yu Fei explained: "Those guys just had nothing to do after playing boss.". Soy sauce and thunderbolt, they just met, they said they were bored and followed, hey. The crowd followed Hei Hei, and then all kinds of schools, all kinds of skills of the gorgeous attack to Ruan big head on the pocket, the picture suddenly chaotic. Looking at Ruan Da in front of him, HP kept dropping in the state of group fight, and Xu Qianyu was aphasic again. 21 21. Die for love.. This mass brawl is so refreshing. It wasn't until Ruan's boss had 5% of his HP left that the sadistic guys stopped acting. [Current] [Half Wonderful Man]: Brothers and sisters, let's go! Leave the rest to the boss. Just to be safe. There are many people outside the task team, even if they don't try their best to attack, they are still afraid of robbing monsters. Fortunately, [simple and complex] HP has been more or less reduced,interactive digital whiteboard, Ruan Da has been at ease to attack the great God, not by this group of rampant guys to hook up. All kinds of 88, Gudabai, Shayanara and Bye appeared one by one, and a large group of people dispersed. Only the girl in red and the swordsman in Tsing Yi stood side by side, constantly releasing all kinds of gorgeous skills. There are several black spots in the map (the so-called black spots, that is,electronic board for classroom, the characters in the game have killed people in the non-safety zone, of course, the killing of PK state does not count. If it is a red dot, it is the character who takes the initiative to attack and kill others) to move closer to the position of two people. Jane Fan raised her eyebrows lightly and reminded Xu Qianyu in YY: "Lady, an enemy is approaching us." "Hm?" Xu Qianyu is concentrating on the game, subconsciously questioning. It should be the ones who'love deeply if you love '. You should pay attention to them. Jane Fan explained. "Love deeply if you love" is the gang of the Romantic Four. He is so low-key that he seldom kills people on his own initiative. So, these black spots must be the ones he just killed. O. Xu Qianyu frowned, answered, and then looked distracted at a few shadows facing this side. Shall we go there? At the same time, the voices of Rong Ruo, Lei Qing, Yu Fei and the God of the Heaven Sword sounded in YY. Not now. Jane Fan looked at those romantic XX and chuckled. Well, say it when you need it, and we'll go directly to Kim Ranchi. Yu Fei grinned, "It's rare that God is in trouble." Xu Qianyu looked at [Jian Fan] who was fighting against the boss and said, digital interactive whiteboard ,75 smart board, "If they don't make trouble, I'll carry it first. You can fight against the monster at ease." "Lady's skill." Jane Fan finished this sentence. But Xu Qianyu could understand what he meant. The tone of hesitation was obviously worried about her skills. Xu Qianyu looked up at the sky: Am I really so bad in his eyes? It's not a great God, but that's because she didn't have the impulse to practice before. I've been working with him for a while, and at least I've learned something, okay? "Rest assured, I will not resist, I will call at any time." Xu Qianyu said silently. Uh A man is relieved. As he spoke, the figures were already in front of him. Wind, flowers, snow and moon four people appear together, four women nine days, combed the same flying moon bun, dressed in gorgeous palace clothes, clothes style is exactly the same: a double butterfly play flower shirt, embroidered with fine plum blossom brocade collar, hundred fold fine silk exquisite Luo skirt, waist with a snow-white brocade bead ribbon, hand in yellow embroidered Luo yarn, but the color of the dress is slightly different. Or yellow, or lavender, or light blue, or pink and white. Standing on the edge, the wind of the Qinhuai River is blowing, and the rings are tinkling, which is very pleasant. But are they here for revenge, or for a beauty contest? Xu Qianyu bit his lip and looked at the four people who stood in half a circle and did not move any more. Or are they here to watch? The pear is so big! Seeing that they did not start, Xu Qianyu continued to pay attention to Ruan Da, whose HP was still 3%. The blood is so thick! Xu Qianyu's skills are more skilled, and he keeps throwing all kinds of poisons. "Lady, blood!" Jane Fan's anxious voice came. Shit! This abnormal boss, suddenly from a single attack into a group attack, Xu shallow to a did not pay attention to, his HP actually reduced by half! Fortunately, the blood of Albizzia julibrissin is the thickest of the three schools. Xu Qianyu quickly took drugs. Ruan Da estimates that he is now in a state of returning light. The attack has not only become a group attack, but also the attack intensity has been strengthened, because the number of damage on the head of the characters has increased. The most important point is that Ruan Da's crit rate has suddenly increased. The HP of [Simple and Complex] is only about 10% for several times. [Shallow Sea Dumb Fish] is good, and the health bar is basically maintained at 50%. Just when Ruan Da's HP was at 1% and it was soon done, a man named [Love Kill] suddenly appeared from behind the four women, and he was at full level. He stepped on the "Shadow Line" and ran toward [Jian Fan]. That's not good! Xu Qianyu's secret way. Not to mention that Jane Fan is going all out to fight against monsters, the important thing is that he is in the state of red name. Substitute dolls can 100% avoid losing experience, but they can not avoid the 50% chance of the red name being exploded, and experience may also be lost because of being killed. Xu Qianyu stared at the dagger of the acacia, which was a faint golden color. Top gear! Jane-fan will be in danger! Xu Qianyu quickly withdrew the dagger that had originally attacked Ruan Da, and immediately turned around and stabbed the oncoming [Love Kill]. The attack posture of [Love Kill] was slightly stagnant, but a move of "cutting through the clouds" was still aimed at the [shallow sea dull fish] who tried to stop him. Almost at the same time, the group attack skill "Bafang Liuhuo" of [Jian Fan] was released magnificently. Apparently,touch screen board classroom, he saw the action of [Love Kill] and the action of [Shallow Sea Dumb Fish] who was trying to protect him. With a slight movement of his mind, he released a group attack skill with great momentum. When the "fire in all directions" is over, everything is still.


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