Flirting with God

"What do you mean should?" Late questioning. I was too lazy to look at her,

"What do you mean should?" Late questioning. I was too lazy to look at her, so I didn't look carefully. He said confidently. Late was very speechless by his answer, very good, this is very Siong answer, she was a little happy, smiling and asked him, "We sisters look the same, will you confuse us?" "No, you don't look alike at all!" Lucifer answered without hesitation. Curious, he lay on the bed, propped up his upper body and looked down at him on the bed. "Why do you think so?"? In fact, we are really similar, because we are twins, and no one can deny that. "If it doesn't look like it, it doesn't look like it. There's no reason." Lucifer pulled her into his arms and kissed her again until she didn't ask. No matter how she asked, the angel did not answer directly, but used the trick of cheating. She looked at him for a long time, then suddenly held him down, turned over and sat on his strong and sexy waist and abdomen, lowered her head and nibbled at his Adam's apple, felt his body tense, and then lay down again with satisfaction. She was satisfied, but Lucifer was very dissatisfied. Chi soon found that he seemed to have lifted his head,x60 line pipe, and when he saw the angel's eyes shining with purple light and his golden hair gradually dyed with magic black, at this moment, he became more and more like Satan. What exactly is your relationship with Satan? Chi suddenly asked. This is like stirring up a hornet's nest, late to see him looking at her coldly, a look that she has changed her mind and derailed into a scum woman, that gloomy and cold look, like a hell messenger, makes people tremble. With one hand on her neck, his powerful body pressed her under him,347 stainless steel, bowed his head and mingled with her breath, and said in a creepy and sinister voice, "Why do you always like to do things I can't stand?"? Don't think about Satan any more. Is it not good for you to belong to me? Stunned at him, when did she think about Satan? "I didn't." Before she could argue for herself, the world suddenly became dark, and she soon lost consciousness. The next day, Chi got up as usual. When she was brushing her teeth, she suddenly glanced at herself in the mirror, was stunned for a long time, and then suddenly approached the mirror and looked at herself carefully in the mirror. Her lips were red and swollen, her neck was covered with dense traces of ambiguity, and anyone with a little common sense could see what she had experienced. After looking at it for a while, he calmly continued to brush his teeth and wash his face, calmly came out of the bathroom, and calmly went to the cloakroom to change clothes. It was not until she took off her pajamas and hooked two small pieces of the woman's clothes to put them on that she saw an angel with blonde hair and white clothes behind her through the mirror. Pure and ascetic angels, all warm and perfect, x70 line pipe ,x52 line pipe, looked at her with a pair of eyes full of desire. He looked back at him slowly and said, "What did you do last night?" Lucifer hooked her around the waist, gave her a lingering kiss, looked at her naked upper body wantonly, and said, "I went to meet some old friends last night." An old friend? An angel or a demon? "Both." Chi looked at him for a moment, pushed him away, stroked his forehead, and said earnestly, "First of all, I don't like Satan, so you don't have to be suspicious anymore!"! Secondly, you can't use this as an excuse to lock me up in a dark room. ***! Even if this man becomes an angel, he still likes to lock her up in a dark room. Although I don't know where he dragged me last night, and I have no memory afterwards, I know that this man is very happy to do this kind of thing, maybe he is eager to misunderstand her something, so that he can act more confidently. "Oh," he said coldly, as heartless as an angel, as if he disdained to pay attention to the accusations of mortals. Later, I will believe that he is a ghost because he pretends to be a force. No matter what this man becomes, his essence will never change. Chi was speechless and decided to ignore him. In the twinkling of an eye, it is the anniversary of Sacred Heart College. Late this period of time can be said to be very busy, and the time to go home at night is getting later and later. There is no shortage of students around her who come to ask for advice or prepare for the school anniversary with her. Every day after school, she can always be seen with a group of backbone students in the campus in a hurry. Lucifer was a little unhappy about this. Too many people occupy her time, which is more annoying than Chi's sister Chi Xin. Lucifer hated all the people and things that occupied her time and attention, but unfortunately he was an angel now and could not do anything openly. The unhappy angel had no choice but to look for the bad luck of the demons lurking in the world. As long as he saw their traces, he would directly hit them with a holy light. They would be lucky if they did not die, and they would be unlucky if they died. Angels are such wayward creatures. So Satan received a lot of demons crying in private. Satan stroked the crow on his shoulder, looked at the shadow in the corner with a very evil look on his face, and said, "Since you dare to covet the souls of the Chi sisters, you should know that this will happen.". Don't come to me. If there are other angels, I can help you get some justice. If it's Lucifer, you can't count on it. I don't want to play against him for the time being. [Samuel, you're getting cowardly.] Said a gruff voice. A smile appeared on Satan's face, which had the evil spirit of the devil. "Don't use provocation. It's useless for the great Satan." The demon in the shadow was silent and then said, "Samael, you are brothers. You are all interested in the souls of the Chi women." Don't you forget, Judgment Day is coming soon, the path of fate can not be changed, the door of hell will be opened, when the time comes, whether heaven, earth, hell, no one will be spared. Satan carelessly stroked the crow and did not speak. The devil does not leave Gandhi. On the day of the school anniversary, the whole Sacred Heart College was very busy, not only the students of the school attended, but also the parents of the students,uns c70600, invited outsiders, people came and went, and the whole campus was in a lively atmosphere. The late president of the student union is still too busy to know how a school anniversary can be so many things. Miss Qiu called her and said that she and Chi Xin had arrived at school.


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