I have dared to think of you.

Then the fat man peeked at Zhong Jing's expression and thought he would be angry, but he was still distracted. Suddenly, Zhong Jing stood up and scooped up a coat and went out.

Then the fat man peeked at Zhong Jing's expression and thought he would be angry, but he was still distracted. Suddenly, Zhong Jing stood up and scooped up a coat and went out. Chen Jia called him, "What are you going to do?" "Go out and buy a pack of cigarettes." Zhong Jing's expression did not change, dropped this sentence and left. Jiang Shanchuan glanced at Zhong Jing's desk, on which lay a pack of cigarettes. He snorted, "Brother Jing estimated the way of the first night." She spent several hours on the roof in the first night. The cold wind made her nose red. She sat on the ground and recalled her life in high school. She is really weak and useless. Thinking of this, I felt bored and wanted to smoke a cigarette in the first night. She took out a cigarette shakily and put it in the corner of her mouth, and her right hand could hardly hold the match steadily and kept shaking. On the first night, it was not easy to strike a match, and a cold wind blew it out. Row again in the early evening, and the wind blows out again. After repeating this, she seemed to be competing with it, her fingers clenched the matchstick, and the pain of her nails sinking into the palm of her hand was oblivious. At the beginning of the night, she sniffed, and a great sense of loss came to her mind. She couldn't even light a simple fire. Suddenly, a broad palm held her palm and led the first night to light the fire. On the first night, I looked up to see people coming. In late autumn,euro plastic pallet, Zhong Jing put on a thin coat, which was stuffed with short sleeves, and the collar came out at random. His body was clear and mixed with the smell of vanilla. Zhong Jing stood in front of her, blocking the draught for the first night. His palms were broad and dry, and he gently rubbed the back of his hand with her and lit the match. Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the evening, the bottom of my heart did not reject this action. After smoking a few cigarettes in the first night,drum spill containment, she quickly calmed down, and Zhong Jing stood beside her without asking what had happened. Zhong Jing leaned lazily against the wall, one foot low in the corner, and the expression on his face was calm. When she spoke again on the first night, she found that her voice was hoarse. I lived with my aunt until I was in high school. "Then my mother took me home, and the first thing she did was not allow me to dance." On the first night, he found that he could not go on, and then he took a puff of smoke to keep calm. The second thing is that she took me to see a psychiatrist and felt that she had not done her duty before, so she watched me 360 degrees. "The third thing, she told my neighbors and teachers, as well as my former friends, she said I was sick, I hope you give in to me, spill plastic pallet ,plastic pallet supplier, if I do anything wrong, please be more tolerant." "So I grew up in high school with criticism and sympathetic eyes." "Every time I think I'm getting better, my mother reminds me that I'm sick." "But it's a fact." The first night said to himself. During the whole period, Zhong Jing did not interject a word, nor did he go to the root of the result. He kept his good upbringing as a listener. Zhong Jing crouched down and stared at the first night when he shrank himself into a ball. His eyes were red, his nose was frozen red, his neatly combed flower buds became messy, his messy hair hung down one by one, and his black eyes were full of fragility. Ugly. Zhong Jing spits out a word. The first night also does not care, when plans to light the second cigarette, a hand horizontal thrust comes over to snatch her cigarette directly. He stared at him in the evening. "Didn't you light the fire for me just now?" Zhong Jing took out a handful of mints from his pocket, five fingers spread out, colorful candy wrappers, but without exception, they were mint-flavored. Which one? Zhong Jing raised his eyebrows a little. I picked a pink one and a bright yellow one at the beginning of the evening. She took it over and peeled off the candy wrapper. Just as she wanted to eat it, Zhong Jing stuffed it directly into her mouth. You See him the first night. Zhong Jing leaned over, the mints he was chewing in his mouth made a clicking sound, and the distance between them was only a short distance, and nervous tension began to rise again in the early evening. Just when she thought Zhong Jing was going to make the next move. Zhong Jing reached over her shoulder and threw the remaining handful of sugar into her hat. The wind was blowing, and Zhong Jing reached out to help her button up the thin sweater jacket that was open on the first night. You're not sick. Zhong Jing said word by word, his figure was low and dumb. As if a huge steam was rising, her eyes were full of fog at the beginning of the night, and her heart was so sour that she could not say a word. It was like a thick wall that had been built with great difficulty, and it was forced to make a gap. Zhong Jing got up and looked down at her. "Calm down enough and go back early." Chapter 19 In the evening, she sat on the bed in a daze after washing the first night, and she had not yet decided how to deal with it. Thought to a new environment, is a new beginning, who knows or someone to uncover her scars, let her pain, let her can not forget. Thinking about it, the mobile phone in my pocket vibrated. I took it out at the beginning of the night and saw that it was a completely unfamiliar number. I drew the answer button at the beginning of the night. Come down The voice was short and low. The first night carefully identified the familiar voice to react to come over is Zhong Jing, is about to turn off the lights, the first night hesitated: "But..." But she didn't finish talking, and the other party hung up the phone with a bang. I didn't have time to comb my hair in the first night, so I ran down in my pajamas. The light outside the dormitory corridor was broken, and the first night I followed the light of the fire that was clearly extinguished in the darkness. Standing in front of Zhong Jing on the first night, he raised his head slightly and asked him, "What's wrong?" Zhong Jing glanced at her lightly, with two tears on his pale face and a lost look. He frowned, but said nothing after all. Zhong Jing put the cigarette in his mouth and turned to a certain look under the street lamp. On the first night, I found a man standing under the dim street lamp. The man shrank his neck and dared not move forward. The night was dark, and the horizon was blurred into a large area of interwoven yellow and black,plastic wheelie bins, creating a strange feeling. Zhong Jing made a faint hum from his chest and walked to the man with a cigarette in his mouth. The man seemed to be more than 1.7 meters tall, but when Zhong Jing stood beside him, he was a full head taller than him. Zhong Jing carried the clothes on the back of the man's neck and dragged him all the way to the first night. cnplasticpallet.com


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