fireproof attic door

fireproof attic door Company Profile Xinye Technology co., LTD is an online sales platform decisions.fireproof attic door website:

fireproof attic door Company Profile Xinye Technology co., LTD is an online sales platform company jointly established by 6 enterprises engaged in research and development and manufacturing of building components, specializing in the sales of partner companies' building components products on the network platform. At the same time, we hope to become the online procurement service partner of domestic and foreign buyers of building component products. CEO's Message I will treat every partner in the team sincerely and equally. Our team will serve customers with integrity, fairness and efficiency; We will cooperate with our manufacturer partners to try our best to meet your needs, achieve your vision and achieve win-win cooperation. Team Introduced Ju Wenji, director of network marketing锛汿ian Yan, technical support for interior and exterior decorative panels锛汱iu Jie, technical support for aluminum alloy doors and Windows锛?nbsp;Chen Jia, technical support for hangar and garage doors锛汣hen Yan, technical support for prefabricated wood structure houses锛汱iao Junjing, technical support for CO2 heat pump锛沨eng Kunqin, coordinator. Company Certificate Xinye business license, manufacturing enterprise patent, certification and other certificates 锛?br/ Company Honor Manufacturing enterprise credit, honor certificate, etc Industry Status New team, no performance, we need your support, help us in the industry to occupy a place. Company Mission Live up to partner's trust, establish professional network sales team. Multiple products at the same stage, efficient expansion. Company Philosophy Be the lowest cost network sales agent for manufacturing partners; To be the lowest cost purchasing agent for customers; Do the network's most efficient business communication link; Company Values Be honest and trustworthy, deal fairly, treat each other as equals and make democratic decisions.fireproof attic door website:


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